Alfred Hitchcock - Vertigo: Soundtrack

Immerse yourself in a psychological thriller with the original soundtrack of Alfred Hitchcock - Vertigo This is additional content for Alfred Hitchcock - Vertigo, it does not include the game

Alfred Hitchcock - Vertigo: Soundtrack

Track list:

1 Main Theme
2 Wake Up
3 My Favorite Movie
4 The Call
5 Let's Remember
6 Face to the Ground
7 The Bitch In Me
8 Hypnosis
9 The Neighbor
10 Find Samuel
11 The Lake
12 Captain Roberts
13 What Happened
14 Brody Canyon Bridge
15 Agent Miller
16 Fucking Happiness
17 Jenny's Nightmare
18 The Bitch in You
19 She Was Never There
20 Who is Veronica
21 Are We Best Friends Or Not
22 The Monster's Not Here
23 So Close
24 Theme for Julia And Nick
25 A Good Host
26 The Fight
27 Childhood
28 V for Veronica
29 Why ?
30 She Died Twice
31 Saving Esther
32 Bonus Track - Leave Her Johnny

تقييمات ومراجعات Alfred Hitchcock - Vertigo

بواسطة Rob Pitt
8.3 / 10
If you love interactive stories, such as the ‘Walking Dead’ era of games from Telltale or the Life is Strange series, then you’ll really enjoy Alfred Hitchcock – Vertigo.
بواسطة Chris Wray
6.5 / 10
Alfred Hitchcock - Vertigo isn't a bad interactive story, I'd even recommend the story, it misses the mark on too much for me to not offer some caution.
بواسطة Scott De Lacy
4.1 / 5
Vertigo offers a thrilling and captivating playable story that touches on some very serious themes. Not for the feint hearted or weak in temperament.
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