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Barrett Foster : Chapter One

Barrett Foster a realistic puzzle game in which you play the famous inspector solving a dramatic personal investigation: The disappearance of Emma and Gabriel, close friends of Barrett. Explore your environment and solve different puzzles to progress and find answers !

Barrett Foster Chapter One

Particules Studio presents Barrett Foster, a realistic and immersive puzzle game in which you play as the famous inspector to solve a dramatic personal investigation: The disappearance of his close friends, Emma and Gabriel, in murky circumstances.
The starting point of this adventure is a phone call received from Emma and informing Barrett Foster that they must leave their home urgently for a matter of life !
In the continuity of the Prologue* (available for free on this platform), you resume the investigation after it has taken a dramatic turn. Indeed, in this chapter 1, the inspector wakes up with a headache, in a small closed room and on the 60th floor of a skyscraper!
"What's happening ?“ A vague memory comes back to him:” I discovered information on the disappearance of Emma and Gabriel at their home then 2 colossi fell on me from behind… I should have expected it… Here I am locked up I don't know where! »
It is no longer a question of only solving the investigation... You will have to find a way to escape and it will not be an easy task... You will once again have to put yourself in the shoes of a real inspector by exploring your environment while paying attention to every detail to hope to escape from this building!
Barrett Foster – Chapter 1 will take you on a journey through time, history and culture! Beyond your personal knowledge, you will undoubtedly have to call on outside help (research, friends, etc.) to hope to reach the end of a fascinating chapter!
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OS versionWindows 10
OS versionWindows 10, Windows 11
CPUIntel 6th Gen
CPUIntel 8th Gen
Memory8 GB RAM
Memory16 GB RAM
DirectXDirectX 12
DirectXDirectX 12
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