Why early access?

First of all, we wanted players to be able to try our project as early as possible and give us their feedback!
In addition, we try to be close to our community and listen to all opinions and suggestions on what players expect from the gameplay. We believe that by combining them with our vision for the game, we can achieve the best results.

Approximately how long will the game be in early access?

We plan to stay in Early Access until we decide that the game is complete. In the meantime, we will be releasing major content updates as well as smaller updates that will focus on specific aspects of the game to improve quality as our goal is to reach the final version. We will continue to listen to our community's feedback and work to improve the game.

How will the full version differ from the Early Access version?

First of all, we want to work with the community to figure out which features should be prioritized. We have a lot of ideas for the finished game, but we need a realistic view of the situation. It all comes down to what you, the players, ask us to do and what you like in a game. Of course, we foresee many general improvements, such as an improved ecosystem in which animals and plants will exist around the player, and the player in turn will bring changes to the environment, by his right or wrong actions. The overall functionality of the character health system, the impact of various factors on the physical and mental state, the interaction of characters with each other as a society, and much more will also improve.

At what stage is the Early Access version?

Most of the main elements are ready. For example, the collection and sorting of rosaries has been improved. A system of tasks for characters. Elements of interaction with various elements, such as creating new items, working with tools. A ready-made game ecosystem, generation of forests and various resources, some animal species. We understand that there are still many elements that need to be finalized and changed, but we want players to be able to decide what will be in the game and really influence its development.

Will the price of the game be different during and after Early Access?

The official version will be more finalized, so its price may be slightly higher than in Early Access, but it will definitely offer many more mechanics and more complex functionality than the Early Access version.

How do you plan to involve the community in the development process?

Your comments will be crucial in our efforts to make Brand New World the best game possible - we want to hear from you about everything you think is important!
And most importantly, we want players to enjoy their time in our game.
Our DISCORD: https://discord.gg/vaw6NfPS
is completely open to you, so you can talk directly to the developers and leave your feedback!