How is blockchain, NFT, or cryptocurrency used in this product?

Brawlers is designed to allow players to enjoy its primary features virtually without needing any blockchain interactions. However, to take advantage of advanced options like NFT enhancements and customizing characters with different skins, players will need a blockchain wallet. Brawlers integrates with Cloudwallet for this purpose. Every player receives a complimentary Cloudwallet account upon game registration. Additionally, there's a mode within the game where players can earn the BRWL cryptocurrency, which can be transferred to their Cloudwallet.

What utility does this bring to the product?

BRWL serves as a medium for value exchange in player-to-player transactions. Through NFTs, we can safely incorporate features like character customization using smart contracts. The in-game assets not only enable players to engage in the game but also offer extensive personalization options. These assets can be used as ingredients to upgrade to more potent assets. Furthermore, players have the flexibility to entirely modify the appearance and essence of their individual game setup.

Does this product require me to connect an external wallet? What wallets does this product support?

Brawlers allows for gameplay without any blockchain functionalities. However, to unlock its complete features, players need to utilize Cloudwallet, which is provided complimentary upon account registration.

Can I use the product without interacting or engaging with blockchain, NFT, or cryptocurrency?

Yes, this game at a minimum is free to play. When you create an account, we'll provide you with in-game items (not NFTs) to immerse you in the thrill and enjoyment of Brawlers.

What chain does this product use? Is the chain proof-of-work or proof-of-stake?

This game utilizes the Worldwide Asset eXchange™ (WAX) , a proof-of-stake layer 1 blockchain protocol.

Does this product have a marketplace? What can I do with the things that I earn (or purchase)?

Players can visit and shop different marketplaces to obtain additional items that enrich the gaming experience. The majority of Brawlers' assets consist of playable characters and playing cards.