What is CyberTitans?

CyberTitans is a strategy game that belongs to the autobattler genre. In this game, players must manage the composition of their board to face several opponents consecutively in each match. At the end of the game, the most outstanding players will receive rewards and recognitions while enjoying the impressive and fun mechanics that CyberTitans offers.

Is CyberTitans cross-platform?

CyberTitans is a project designed to offer a cross-platform experience on mobile devices and computers. As the game is developed and supported, all systems and devices in which the game can be executed will be incorporated. CyberTitans aims to provide a broad experience in which players can enjoy its fun and entertaining mechanics anywhere.

What does it mean that CyberTitans is a Blockchain game?

Although CyberTitans may appear categorized as a blockchain game, it does not mean that it requires any special use or knowledge from the players. In essence, this category only indicates that CyberTitans uses certain technological functionalities that allow players to fully enjoy all the mechanics and content it offers, both for traditional players and those with some knowledge of blockchain.

Will the game require me to connect external wallets?

No, CyberTitans is designed and conceived with the spirit of being an accessible and enjoyable game for all types of audiences. This means that no cryptoasset will offer advantages in the game's competitive mechanics. The functionalities related to non-fungible items and cryptocurrencies are not necessary to enjoy the game, so no mandatory wallet connection is required.

What blockchain protocol does the game use?

In CyberTitans, the mechanics associated with blockchain functionalities are integrated into the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network, using its native token BNB. BSC is a blockchain network parallel to the Ethereum network, which offers faster speeds and lower transaction costs. The choice of BNB as the native token of BSC allows for fast and inexpensive transactions for CyberTitans users who decide to use the game's blockchain functionalities. These mechanics include the creation and transfer of non-fungible objects (NFTs), buying and selling objects on a decentralized marketplace, and participation in special game events that involve the use of cryptocurrencies.

How does the community participate in the development process and new content?

In CyberTitans, the community is a key element. Players come from different parts of the world, making the community diverse and active. To offer the best possible experience to all players, we constantly work on improving communication and maintaining an open dialogue with them. We listen to their opinions, suggestions, and criticisms in order to implement improvements in the game and develop new gameplay mechanics and game modes that meet their expectations, with the goal of keeping CyberTitans an exciting game for all players.

How can I sign up for community tournaments?

Within the CyberTitans game, you will have access to all the necessary information to participate in available events, tournaments, and rankings. We will provide you with details on the date and time of the events, the gameplay mechanics, the prizes that will be awarded, and how to register to participate. You will also be able to view rankings and the results of previous tournaments. Our goal is for you to have a complete and satisfying experience in the game and be able to participate in all the activities we have available for you.

How is blockchain, NFT, or cryptocurrency used in this product?

The CyberTitans economy is based on the modern Binance Smart Chain blockchain. The non fungible tokens (NFT) obtained and traded on CyberTitans create an economy that replicates the tangibility of real-world assets and ownership.

(Coming Soon) What could I do with game NFT's?

With this technology, players have true ownership of their in-game assets, such as scenarios, avatars, totems, reactions and more.
The first NFT collection is CyberTitans Origins, a series of avatars with traits that will unlock in-game functionalities (totems, scenarios, tournaments, VIP passes and more). NFTs will be also compatible with LitLab's future games. More collections will be available on marketplaces soon.

Does this product have in-app purchases? What can I do with the things that I earn or purchase in the shop?

In our shop you'll be able to acquire LITT, CyberTitans' native token, that will provide access to competitive matches and tournaments, and enables to purchase some custom items (Avatars, Totems, Arenas, Emotes, etc) that will improve your game visuals and experience, but in any case will provide any advantage over your opponents.

What payment(s) platform(s) is(are) used to facilitate purchases?

Currently the LITT purchasing is managed by a provider called Vottun, that allows credit card payments using 3-D Secure protocol.

Can the game be used without making any in-app purchases?

Of course, in-app purchases are mainly cosmetics. In fact you can receive some items as rewards.

Are in-app purchases refundable?