Djinn - The Forbidden Knowledge

Haunted by a desperate past, you awaken to a terrifying new reality: a desolate and dark realm that echoes with your past. Now you must embrace the unknown and embark on an adventure to unveil its secrets. Are you ready to face your worst fears and emerge even stronger?

“Djinn - The Forbidden Knowledge” is a thrilling open-world horror adventure with a retro twist...

Immerse yourself in this unique story as an Arabian Princess and confront your enemies in a desperate fight for survival. This is no ordinary realm, but a twisted reflection of your own trauma. To survive, you must unveil the dark secrets that lurk within, but can you conquer your own demons?
Key Features
  • Explore the vast open-world and unveil its secrets
  • Captivating and mysterious story with 13 endings
  • Various challenges and enemy types to deal with
  • Haunting adventure with a playtime of 8 - 12 hours
  • Not hand-holding and old school style gameplay
  • Diverse easter eggs referencing to works of horror
Djinn is an exploration-focused game that also incorporates action, platforming, and light puzzle elements. Despite its challenging old-school style with roguelite elements, the game doesn't punish you by making you lose collectibles upon death, allowing for steady progression. It's crucial to collect notes that unveil the story, lore, and environment's secrets as you explore and face off against various enemies and even some bosses. Resource management is also key, as you'll need to find and wisely use items to maintain your health, stamina, and sanity.
Oman's golden age, once a beacon of trade, crumbled in the face of a terrifying new threat causing fear and chaos, in the beginning of the 19th century. Djinn emerging from the darkness began to reclaim what was theirs eons ago. While they stalked the night and whispered into the hearts, the magicians were corrupting the folk using all kinds of deceptive means. By 1840, even the Sultan felt compelled to relocate his capital to Zanzibar in Africa, leaving the land to face its inevitable demise.
Experience the unsettling story as you progress through the realm of the unknown, wielding your weapons against creatures from this world and beyond. Learn how to survive in an ever-changing environment, where the very land itself can be your enemy and every shadow hides a threat. Define your own path – explore and scavenge for resources to overcome the trials.
“Djinn - The Forbidden Knowledge” offers multiple endings, each open to your interpretation and imagination. If you pay close attention to detail as the story unfolds, you will discover new answers and unlock a more profound understanding of the narrative.
The game features a range of settings (see Screenshot) to customize your experience for both quality and performance. However, some of the settings change dynamically to increase your immersion and simulate your psychological and physical state, such as: FOV (80°- 90°), Camera Shake, DOF, Vignettes and Sound Levels (SFX and Music).
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OS versionWindows 64-Bit
OS versionWindows 64-Bit
CPUIntel Core i5 (4th gen) or similar
CPUIntel Core i5 (5th gen) or similar
Memory8 GB RAM
Memory12 GB RAM
GPUGTX 1050 TI (4 GB) or similar
GPUGTX 1060 (6 GB) or similar
DirectXDirectX 11
DirectXDirectX 11
Storage6.66 GB available space
Storage6.66 GB available space
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