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As an OpsRunner you get emulated into cyberpunk styled Scertanic City to complete missions and find out the truth about your identity.

OpsRunner - Story Mode

Welcome to the streets of Scertanic City, a sprawling cyberpunk metropolis where the lines between human and machine blur. In this third-person shooter, you become an OpsRunner, enlisted by the powerful ENUM Corporation to take on missions in exchange for the city's lifeblood: CC.
As an OpsRunner you get emulated in dangerous places in Scertacnic City to infiltrate locations, extract data, blow things up and of course, eliminate as many Vektorbots as possible.
EMULATED: OpsRunner-5sxq5
You'll engage in shootouts against waves of Vektorbots, utilizing cover, tactics, and firepower to complete the missions. But brute force isn't your only weapon – as an OpsRunner, you're also a master hacker.
There is a big variety of weapons available to you as you progress through the missions as well as upgrades and additional gear.
EMULATED: OpsRunner-10k5a

Hash Bash - a 1v1 mode

When not on a mission you can try Hash Bash, a popular TV show in Scertanic City and also a 1v1 mode where you progress through the leagues of different opponents with different weapons and skills.
EMULATED: OpsRunner-d1ybq

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OS version10
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GPUUHD Graphics 600
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