Garbage Truck Driving Simulator

Collect all the garbage in the city with the garbage truck and enjoy the car game.

Garbage Truck Driving Simulator

Garbage Truck Driving Simulator is a game that offers an impressive simulation experience designed for gamers who love car games, truck games, and driving games. This game emphasizes environmental awareness while giving players a realistic driving experience by allowing them to move the garbage truck.
Players set out with the garbage truck in the game to fulfill various missions. The fuel system is a crucial game feature, and players must carefully monitor the fuel level. Players must go to the nearest gas station to refuel when the fuel level drops. This provides a realistic driving experience and allows players to hone their fuel management skills.
At the same time, the game has a car damage system. Players' garbage trucks can be damaged in various situations, for example, due to collisions or contact with obstacles. Players must go to the repair station and have their vehicle repaired when damaged. This feature encourages players to take responsibility for vehicle maintenance and repair.
There is only one vehicle in Garbage Truck Driving Simulator; players manage a single garbage truck. This allows players to focus more on the gaming experience and make the most of the garbage truck. There are five different missions in total in the game. The tasks are related to garbage collection in the city and its delivery to the garbage collection station. Each of the missions differs in difficulty levels and environmental factors. Players must complete tasks considering traffic density, weather conditions, and narrow roads.
Garbage Truck Driving Simulator offers players an impressive gaming atmosphere with realistic graphics and sound effects. City details and environmental elements immerse players in the game world and provide a real driving experience. The truck's engine sounds, brake sounds, and environmental sounds make the game feel even more realistic.
The Garbage Truck Driving Simulator game is an enjoyable option for players interested in car games, truck games, and driving games. Packed with fuel management, vehicle damage, and missions, this simulation game offers players a realistic driving experience. You can increase environmental awareness and improve your skills while driving your garbage truck.
Many challenges await you when you want to do the tasks with the garbage truck. One of these challenges is the vehicle you use, the truck. Since the truck is big, it is difficult to enter the city, so you have to proceed very carefully. When you accept the quest, you are given tenure. When this period starts, you should take the garbage in the city to the station as soon as possible. If your time runs out, the mission will fail, and you won't get any rewards. You can have great prizes if you complete the task successfully. With these awards, you can customize your existing truck. As a customization option there are car colors, wheel models, truck spoilers, and many customization options.

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OS versionWindows 8
OS versionWindows 10
CPUIntel i3-6100U
CPUIntel i5
GPUIntel UHD Graphics 620
GPUGeForce GTX 970
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