Get Together: A Coop Adventure

Two lost beings and you are the only bond... Play with a friend to guide and reunite them on their journey in this communication-based coop puzzle adventure. You play on two devices with no connection except your voice!
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It's all about getting together

A coop puzzle adventure in which you and a friend are thrown into an otherworldly experience with unsolved mysteries and forgotten stories.
Take part in the journey of a luckless explorer who got split into two beings, separated from one another. Much like them you play divided, each on your own device of choice.
Use communication as your main tool to explore similarities and differences between your worlds and cooperate to overcome whatever blocks your path to reunion.
Can you both grow beyond these challenges and - Get Together - again?
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  • Communication-based puzzle adventure exclusively for two
  • Unique painterly art style and carefully crafted sound world
  • Easy to learn controls to focus on player-communication
  • Cross-Platform play on Windows, iOS and Android
  • No internet connection required to play
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The two of you

This game is always played by two people, each on a separate device. All the puzzles are designed so that each player only has parts to the solution.
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OS versionWindows 7 (64-bit)
OS versionWindows 10 (64-bit)
CPUIntel i5 Dual-Core
CPUIntel i5 Quad-Core or better
Memory4 GB RAM
Memory4 GB RAM
GPUIntel HD 4000
GPUIntel HD 4000 or better
Storage900 MB
Storage900 MB
Additional input deviceGamepad
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  • الصوت: غير متاح
  • النص: Spanish (Spain), Russian, Portuguese (Brazil), Italian, German, French, English
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