Gripper is a story-driven action game with boss fights on wheels. Tear your enemies apart with a grappling hook. Rip out their metal hearts to gain abilities. Rescue your family and uncover the secrets of the collapsing world.
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Enter the burnout seat of None, a cyber biker who is stuck inside a collapsing world. Race through post-apocalyptic landscapes connected by treacherous tunnels. Explore dead lands with the help of your mechanized cat buddy. Defeat relentless bosses by gripping and ripping out their hearts.


Ride, slide and dodge as you master the Gripper’s unique bike movement and combat mechanics. Go wheel-to-wheel with murderous monster trucks, giant arachnids, mechanized titans, and screen-shattering snakes. Crush them, rip out their weapon and use against them. Build the bike you want, from energy boosters to spawnable drones, mines and gadgets.


Control the battlefield with your bike’s hook. Use it to grip the environment, grab and throw explosives or even rip enemies apart. Gripper challenges you to find unique ways to slay the bosses.


None’s story is one of mystery and loss. Traverse the dystopian cyber landscapes in search of answers to your past. Help None make vital choices. Every answer you uncover is another loved one you put at risk, so go forth and save your family.


Kill. Upgrade. Repeat. Each grueling encounter will reward you with a new special ability, lethal gadgets, and sometimes rare skins. Customize your Gripper experience to both play and look how you want. If you’re going to be ripping out hearts, you must make sure you look good!

الإنجازات المتوفرة

Bronze Tunnel Collector
نقاط خبرة 10
Silver Tunnel Collector
نقاط خبرة 20
Golden Tunnel Collector
نقاط خبرة 30
Platinum Tunnel Collector
نقاط خبرة 50
Unlocked and Loaded
نقاط خبرة 10

متطلبات النظام لـ Gripper

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إصدار نظام التشغيلWindows 7 / 8.1 / 10 x64
إصدار نظام التشغيلWindows 7 / 8.1 / 10 x64
وحدة المعالجة المركزية (CPU)Intel Core i5-760 or equivalent / AMD Athlon II X4 645 AM3 or equivalent
وحدة المعالجة المركزية (CPU)Intel Core i5-4670K or equivalent / AMD FX-6350 or equivalent
الذاكرة4 GB RAM
الذاكرة6 GB RAM
وحدة معالجة الرسوميات (GPU)GeForce GTX 460 (1024 MB) / Radeon HD 6850 (1024 MB)
وحدة معالجة الرسوميات (GPU)GeForce GTX 660 (2048 MB) / Radeon HD 7970 (3072 MB)
DirectXDirectX 11
DirectXDirectX 12
المساحة التخزينية1600
المساحة التخزينية2000
جهاز إدخال إضافيGamepad
اللغات مدعومة
  • الصوت: الإنجليزية
  • النص: الإيطالية, Portuguese (Brazil), البرتغالية (البرازيل), اللغة التركية, الإسبانية (أسبانيا), الإسبانية (أمريكا اللاتينية), اليابانية, الصينية المبسطة, الفرنسية, الألمانية, الصينية التقليدية, الروسية, الإنجليزية, الكورية
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