Men of War II - Frontline Hero Pack

The Frontline Hero Pack is a bonus pack for Men of War II, providing exclusive cosmetic features for players’ profiles (2 badges and 6 avatars), a set of 10 wallpaper images and instant unlock of 4 collectible tank units.

Men of War II - Frontline Hero Pack

The Frontline Hero Pack provides any true fan of Men of War II with the following perks:

•2 exclusive profile badges and 6 exclusive avatars to make sure you stand out from the crowd
•Instant unlock* of 4 collectible tank units to use in multiplayer matches
•10 beautiful desktop wallpapers
The Frontline Hero Pack instantly unlocks the following collectible units*:

•M4A3E8 “Sherman”
oA US Army medium tank, the latest modification of the M4A3E8 with a 75mm gun. It is a beautiful, but deadly war machine with a unique camouflage design, pin-up art, and decorative exterior elements.
•Panther Ausf. A
oA German medium tank, the latest modification of the Pz.Kpfw. V class with a 75mm gun. A formidable predator with excellent combat characteristics and unique camouflage, capable of intimidating even experienced hunters on the battlefield.
oA Soviet medium tank, the latest modification of the T-34 class with an 85mm gun. It can hold its own and emerge victorious from any battle, since it features a unique camouflage system that distinguishes it from its brothers on the battlefield. In the right hands, it can become a deadly threat to any enemy.
oSoviet medium tank, the latest modification of the T-34 class with an 85mm gun. It features a modified camouflage design and spaced armor which reduces the destructive effect of anti-tank rounds. This is an experienced fighter, ready for any surprises.
*all units are available for unlocking via in-game actions as well.

تقييمات ومراجعات Men of War II

PC Gamer
بواسطة Jake Tucker
74 / 100
Men of War 2 is a flawed but rewarding gem for masochistic RTS fans.
God is a Geek
بواسطة Chris White
8 / 10
Men of War II is a deeply strategic and intense title that makes every decision, whether big or small, mean something.
بواسطة Josh Broadwell
8 / 10
Frustrations aside, Men of War 2 is a fresh and ambitious take on a genre that's usually comfortable staying the same. I wish I had more time to sink into its massive multiplayer matches, but even when I don't, I'm still pleased with how strong the single-player experience is. Sure, it doesn't require the same level of strategy as taking on a human opponent, but Men of War 2's inventive mechanics keep you on your toes anyway.
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