Poly Bridge 2

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ها هي لعبة محاكاة بناء الجسور التي نالت استحسان الجميع تعود إليكم مرة أخرى وبشكل أفضل من ذي قبل! مستويات جديدة، وآليات جديدة، ومحرك فيزياء مخصص، وحملات ورشة، ومميزات أخرى كثيرة! عاود استكشاف قدراتك الإبداعية في الهندسة مع ساعات إضافية من المرح الممزوج بالألغاز!

Poly Bridge 2

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بواسطة Alan John
8 / 10
You can't go wrong with Poly Bridge 2. Dry Cactus have created a worthy successor to their cult classic.
Game Rant
بواسطة Jonathan Ammerman
The sequel to the 2016 puzzle simulation game, Poly Bridge 2 secures itself as a solid bridge-building sim for some mind-bending fun.
Gaming Nexus
بواسطة Russell Archey
8.5 / 10
As it is, though, Poly Bridge 2 is very enjoyable and can bring some levels of satisfaction when you finally finish a bridge under budget and without it breaking at any point. It’s a very casual and relaxing game that doesn’t rush you in any way. I’m not going to lie, the game gets a laugh out of me every now and then when my bridge breaks and the driver of the vehicle just drives into the water anyway. Everything looks great from a visual standpoint. While there's no progression system with everything open from the start, there's still a challenge aspect as long as you don't view the Gallery before completing a level. It does take some time to get the hang of the physics, and you might wonder a few times how your bridge broke. Being able to take on any level at any time means you can play a level or two if you're short on time. Plus the music is nice and relaxing for a game that will see vehicles driving into the water on a regular basis.
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