Sons of Valhalla - Supporter Pack

The Sons of Valhalla Supporter Pack features the official Sons of Valhalla soundtrack as well as an artbook, posters, and wallpapers.
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Sons of Valhalla - Supporter Pack

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Fulfil your destiny with all the extras in the Sons of Valhalla Supporter Pack:
  • An OST featuring 18 tracks composed specifically for the grand saga of Thorald Olafson in Sons of Valhalla, with both MP3 and WAV versions available
  • A digital artbook featuring 40 pages of beautiful pixel art alongside lore, technical details highlighting development decisions, and concept art
  • 2 Digital Posters
  • 7 Digital Wallpapers
  • 2 additional options for your dog companion

تقييمات ومراجعات Sons of Valhalla

بواسطة Cosmin Vasile
8 / 10
Sons of Valhalla is fun but can become repetitive. Thorald is a good fighter, and the game makes him powerful enough, especially with a well-chosen set of runes on his belt, to tangle solo with big enemy groups. But teamwork and good use of the shield wall are crucial when taking on opponents hiding behind fortifications. But combat never evolves beyond that and the settlement development system is equally limited. The getting-back-the-kidnapped-princess narrative is decent but doesn’t do anything new. Sons of Valhalla is pleasant in short bursts but greater depth for all its mechanics are needed to make it engaging for long periods.
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