Steelrising - Discus Chain

Start your adventure with the Discus Chain. Grab a marvel of warrior engineering – the Discus Chain – right from the start.

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بواسطة Travis Northup
6 / 10
Steelrising is a decent soulslike with a great setting, but it does little else to rise above so many others like it.
بواسطة Mollie L Patterson
Steelrising is a new Souls-like twist on the French Revolution that unfortunately doesn't see all of its lofty ambitions grow into accomplishments. While its gameplay is enjoyable once you get far enough to earn some unlocks and get main character Aegis more decked out, it tries to mimic elements of FromSoftware's action RPG classics without always understanding what made said elements work. When Spiders leans less on taking inspiration from other games and more on presenting its own ideas, however, we get an intriguing-and surprisingly deep-alternate take on an important moment in France's history.
Game Rant
بواسطة Trever McKenzie
Steelrising is a Bloodborne-esque Soulslike that delivers excellent combat and a solid overall experience
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