What is Storm Warfare?

Storm Warfare is a free-to-play, collectable card game (CCG) set in the Second World War. Players collect cards, build decks, and engage in epic battles against other players on WWII battlefields. The goal is to achieve victory by reducing the enemy Commander's Health points to zero. The game features a variety of multiplayer game modes.

Is it free to play?

Yes, Storm Warfare is entirely free to download and play. You're welcome to dive right into the action without spending a dime and begin with 150 free cards and Commanders from five different factions after completing the Tutorial.

What platforms does Storm Warfare run on?

Storm Warfare is currently available on Windows and macOS computers. It will also be released on iOS and Android mobile platforms shortly.

When are Storm Warfare expansion packs released?

We plan to release two to three expansion packs for Storm Warfare per year.

Can your product be used without making any in-app purchases?

Yes, Storm Warfare is 100% free to play. Players can purchase various items through the in-game store and Marketplace, such as cards, cardbacks, commanders, battleboards, and more.

Does Storm Warfare have a Marketplace? What can I do with the things that I earn or purchase?

Storm Warfare features an in-game marketplace where you can buy, sell, or trade your owned ingame NFT cards and items with other players. The Marketplace enables an open economy where you can monetize your digital assets from the game.

Are in-app purchases refundable?

No, there is no refund policy. But you're always free to sell or trade your purchases as you see fit.

What payment platform is used to facilitate in-game purchases?

We have integrated a third-party payment system called Immutable Passport into the game. Players can use credit cards, debit cards, and cryptocurrencies to make purchases within the game.

How is blockchain, NFT, or cryptocurrency used in Storm Warfare?

In Storm Warfare, blockchain technology represents your earned or purchased in-game items as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) that you truly own. Additionally, you can earn rewards for your gameplay and achievements.

What utility does this bring to Storm Warfare?

Storm Warfare gives you true ownership over your in-game items by leveraging blockchain and NFTs. You can trade, sell, or transfer your NFT cards and items on marketplaces.

What is a wallet?

Just like a physical wallet secures your cash and belongings, a digital wallet safeguards your digital possessions. Your wallet is your personal vault with a unique ID. When you purchase in-game items or tokens within Storm Warfare, they are recorded publicly on the blockchain through your wallet.

Do I need a wallet to play Storm Warfare?

No, you don't. While you can enjoy Storm Warfare without a wallet, you must connect an external crypto wallet to Storm Warfare to truly own your cards or any other game items as NFTs and claim your rewards.

Which Wallets Can I Connect?

Storm Warfare supports popular wallets like Immutable Passport, MetaMask, and WalletConnect.

What chain does this product use? Is the chain proof-of-work or proof-of-stake?

Storm Warfare partners with Immutable to provide seamless blockchain integration with cutting-edge Immutable zkEVM (an L2 Ethereum chain) technology powered by Polygon. As a zk-rollup on a Layer 2 chain using Proof of Stake, this provides a service at equivalent energy cost to traditional web2 game titles.