The Alters

To survive on a lonely planet, Jan creates alternate versions of himself - the alters. Each alter’s personality is shaped by Jan’s various life paths. The Alters begs a simple question surrounding life-changing moments and the decisions people make: What if…?
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Man cannot remake himself without suffering, for he is both the marble and the sculptor - Alexis Carrel

This is the story of Jan Dolski, a simple worker facing circumstances that lead him to a life-changing crossroads. Crash landing on a distant planet, stranded and alone, Jan finds himself in a daunting life and death situation. His only hope for survival is to bring helping hands on board. Not yet understanding the weight of his choice, Jan must create alternate versions of himself if he is to forge ahead: the alters.
Their life branches at various stages and ages, making them different people - individuals driven by multiple motivations and torn by other emotions, who have done things differently, and maybe didn’t make our mistakes. While Dolski tries to win a way home and repair his shattered life in the process, it's up to the players to understand the weaknesses and strengths of Jan's tweaked identities and resourcefully balance the dynamics between them.
The Alters is a game about life-changing moments. Those binary decisions that happen in nanoseconds, but have influence over your entire life. It is about looking into yourself, into your past, and discovering that you are who you are as a sum of those numerous choices. And when you do that a fundamental question arises: WHAT IF…?
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What If I altered my life? What if I took a different path? Who would I be? What would I say to a different me? What could I learn if I talked to my altered selves? What if I talk to my many selves at once?! What if…?
Forged in the spirit of meaningful entertainment: a unique philosophy of creation by the award-winning team, the makers of This War of Mine and Frostpunk.
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