The Bookwalker: Thief of Tales

The Bookwalker is a narrative adventure. Play as Etienne Quist, a writer-turned-thief with the ability to dive into books. Use your powers to journey between reality and book worlds, and steal legendary items like Thor's Hammer and Excalibur to restore your ability to write.

Game Features

Steal legendary artifacts to regain your freedom
Etienne Quist, a once-acclaimed writer, loses his ability to write after he is found guilty of an unspeakable crime. In an attempt to reclaim his lost status, he is approached by a criminal boss with a cunning offer. All he needs to do is locate and steal a series of legendary items from books. Delve into remarkable book worlds, each with its unique rules and challenges. Should anyone stand between you and the artifacts, be prepared to persuade, deceive, or even engage them in combat.
Explore different books and reshape their stories
Each quest thrusts you into an entirely new world: medieval prison, snow-capped mountain, futuristic spaceship and more. Meet the inhabitants of each book and use them to achieve your goals — after all, they are not really alive... or are they? In your quest, you will not be alone, as your paths cross with a sentient caged page, whom you adopt as your partner-in-crime and trusted advisor.
Solve unconventional puzzles across fiction and reality
Test your ingenuity with unique puzzles that encourage thinking outside the box, as you freely travel between fiction and reality, gathering valuable items to overcome obstacles. Using the mystical power of ink, you can manipulate objects within the books, adding depth to your interactions and unlocking new paths to explore.

الإنجازات المتوفرة

A Change of Heart
نقاط خبرة 15
Fight the Establishment
نقاط خبرة 15
نقاط خبرة 90
نقاط خبرة 30
نقاط خبرة 15

تقييمات ومراجعات The Bookwalker: Thief of Tales

Worth Playing
بواسطة Cody Medellin
8 / 10
Players will find something special here, as the stories told in the overall game and the books you dive into are rich and well written.
بواسطة Cosmin Vasile
7.5 / 10
The Bookwalker: Thief of Tales relies on an intriguing concept, and for the most part is quite enjoyable. The adventure sequences are immersive and motivate you to push forward and discover more. The game becomes even more remarkable if we take into account that it has been developed by a team of four people.
بواسطة Erin McAllister
9.5 / 10
The choices lose a bit of their variety as the story goes on and the combat can be a tad simplistic, but The Bookwalker is a beautiful exercise in exploring the humanity of fiction and why we, the audience, should feel for the characters on the page.
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إصدار نظام التشغيلWindows 7
إصدار نظام التشغيلWindows 7/8/10
وحدة المعالجة المركزية (CPU)Dual-core
وحدة المعالجة المركزية (CPU)Intel Core i5-8400 и AMD Ryzen 5 2600
الذاكرة4 GB RAM
الذاكرة8 GB RAM
وحدة معالجة الرسوميات (GPU)GTX 650
وحدة معالجة الرسوميات (GPU)GeForce GTX 1650 GP, AMD Radeon RX 6500 or equivalent
المساحة التخزينية3 GB
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