Why choose Early Access?

As we keep building and enhancing the game, it's invaluable for us to gather and act on feedback from our community. This ensures the final game is not just polished, but also a blast to play!

What can we expect in the full version compared to Early Access?

First and foremost, we'll be adding a plethora of new levels to keep you engaged and challenged. On top of that, get ready for some heart-pounding boss battles that will test your skills and strategy.
We also plan to add a musical score that captures our game's unique apocalyptic time-travel theme. Expect richer sound effects that immerse you in the time-rewinding experience.
And, to truly bring our story to life, we're incorporating professionally voiced dialogues that will elevate the game's narrative and draw you deeper into our world.

Will there be a price change after Early Access?

Indeed, the price of the game may increase both during and after the Early Access period.

How do you plan to engage with the Community during development?

We're eager to have our community with us every step of the way. Drop by our Discord and be a part of shaping the game into the best version of itself!