The Chronos Event Demo

Try out a limited demo version of The Chronos Event for free! Bend time to your will in this fast-paced third-person roguelite shooter. Rewind the clock, team up with your past selves, and battle hordes of enemies.

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The Chronos Event Demo

The Chronos Event-4guh1
The Chronos Event is a dynamic, third-person roguelite shooter where players wield the power to manipulate time. Rewind crucial moments and engage in combat alongside your past selves, harnessing the tactics of time travel to battle overwhelming odds in a near-future sci-fi world.
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Experience a fresh twist to the shooter genre with the game's unique time-looping mechanics. Rewind crucial moments and strategize with your past actions. Master the tactics of time travel in a game where every decision can change the past and future.
The Chronos Event-1ersd
Embrace the cyclical timeline of The Chronos Event. Battle through challenges, and when defeat comes, it's not the end. Return with enhanced capabilities, a combination of personal growth and technological advancement, making each loop a step closer to victory.
The Chronos Event-141my
Engage in heart-pounding, third-person shooter action with a time-bending twist. Utilize fluid movement and strategic time manipulation to outmaneuver foes in intense, fast-paced combat.
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As we approach our Early Access release on PC in 2024, we invite players to embark on this journey with us. Wishlist the game now and be among the first to experience The Chronos Event.