Protector Goddess Fight

The main core of the game is to determine the subsequent story development through options. Each option is related to the heroine's future life, whether to protect or escape.
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This is not a love game. The protagonist you play is also at a fork in life, and your decisions will take him to a different path.

About Game:
You will play the role of the protagonist "Fang Yuan" who lost his beloved wife in the game from a first-person perspective.
The deceased wife's family also had five beautiful sisters with very different personalities. Fang Yuan was completely devastated by the death of his wife and had a huge debt. He did not want to involve his sisters-in-law, so he decided to leave the Lin family and stop contacting them.
It wasn't until the anniversary of his late wife's death four years later that the six people reunited again.
Only then did Fang Yuan realize that in the past few years when he was not at home, every "sister-in-law" had encountered their own troubles and problems.
In order to help his sisters-in-law solve various problems, Fang Yuan returned to the Lin family and made suggestions for them, even taking risks.
Choice determines life:
Like other live-action interactive narrative games, the main core of the game is to determine the subsequent development of the story through options. Each option is related to the heroine's subsequent life, whether to protect or escape.
Participate in every aspect of the story:
In every aspect of the story with the protagonists, players need to operate it personally, whether it is observation or help, both in the game and in life.
Different endings:
There are more than a dozen completely different endings in the game. The player's choice will lead to different plot branches. Whether to choose one of them or "I want them all" is waiting for the player to decide.
Not only the shocking plot, but also the real emotions:
Each protagonist has his or her own troubles and tribulations, but not everything can end happily. Whether it is a compromise, an escape, a protection or an overturning of the table, behind every story is a true portrayal of life.

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