The Lullaby of Life

Play musical notes to solve timing-based puzzles in a journey where you can bring dormant beings to life. Explore colorful environments and create harmonious sounds to navigate through this tranquil puzzle adventure inspired by the origins of life.


Born in the origins of the Universe, you are a particle with the power to play musical notes in the form of waves. Experience this fascinating music-driven adventure that transforms sound into puzzles using timing, focus, dexterity, and agility.

Solve Music-Driven Puzzles

The Lullaby of Life is a puzzle adventure where you encounter puzzles solved through timing-based music notes. Solve these challenges using sound waves matched in sequences of different colors and symbols.
Challenge the way you think with each level featuring unique puzzles, mechanics and ambience. Awaken new companions, bring life to inert beings, and solve your way in this abstract universe!

Explore the Origins of the Universe

You are the catalyst of new life everywhere in this curious universe. Explore, avoid obstacles, uncover secrets, escape enemies and dangers, and behold this journey where each level brings its own unique setting, characters, and aesthetics.

Bring Life to Dormant Beings

While venturing into this universe you will encounter different beings. The main quest of each level is to awaken your Dormant Elders. Bring them to life through sequences of sound waves produced by you and your found companions picked up along the way.

Immerse Yourself in a Hypnotic World

The Lullaby of Life presents a vivid and melodious universe like no other. Let the tranquility of the colors, animation and sound waves calm your body while your mind focuses on solving puzzles of increasing difficulties. An immersive game that leaves you feeling peaceful and attuned!

Game Features

  • Challenging puzzles solved through sound, timing and mental agility
  • Unique levels with distinct colors, atmosphere, and challenges ahead
  • A hypnotic soundtrack that provides focus and tranquility
  • Visual narrative accessible to all ages, languages and abilities
  • Game mechanics that are mentally stimulating while in a calm environment are perfect for kids’ screen time or to destress at the end of the work day!
  • Similar to games like Osmos, Flower, Webbed, Botanicula, and Journey

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نقاط خبرة 100
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نقاط خبرة 100
نقاط خبرة 100
نقاط خبرة 100

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بواسطة Cosmin Vasile
8.5 / 10
The Lullaby of Life is pleasant and relaxing, a perfect game to unwind after a long day of trying to learn complex mechanics or tackle massive bosses. Its setting and its characters are colorful while the story is mostly suggested. The sound-driven puzzles gently increase in complexity, but the focus is not on difficulty.
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OS versionWindows 10 or later
OS versionWindows 10
CPUIntel Core i3-3240 (2 * 3400); AMD FX-4300 (4 * 3800)
CPUIntel Core i5-3470
Memory4 GB RAM
Memory8 GB RAM
GPUGeForce GTX 560 Ti (1024 VRAM); Radeon HD 7750 (1024 VRAM)
GPUGeForce GTX 1050 (2048 VRAM); Radeon R9 380 (2048 VRAM)
Storage2 GB available space
Storage2 GB available space
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  • النص: Chinese (Traditional), Turkish, Polish, Russian, English, Dutch, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), Arabic, Italian, German, French, Korean, Chinese (Simplified), Spanish (Latin America)
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