Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger 16 Collectors Edition

A family friendly Hidden Object Game set in a National Park.

Help Rangers run their Sensational Pinecreek Hills National Park

Help the famous Rangers run Pinecreek Hills and guide Visitors on sensational National Park trails. Have fun organizing events on Bluewaters Lake, Cherokee River.
Visit the new National Eagle Sanctuary, hunt for BigFoot, explore Springfield’s amazing Conservation Park, ride the fabulous Monorail and join the 25th Ranger Jamboree festivities in NY!
Learn about Wildlife. Camp & Picnic beside Rivers and Bayous. Visit atmospheric Waterfalls, Gorges, enchanted Caves and beautiful outdoor locations. Have fun on the park’s awesome trails, go on Night Prowls. Have Campfires & BBQ’s. Spot Bears, Deer and Eagles.
Play great Hogs & Puzzles, Spot 100’s of Animals, Birds, Fish and Wildlife. Protect the environment, get Souvenirs and Awards along the way.
  • Help Park Rangers in the Great Outdoors
  • 3 Game Modes Casual, Challenge, Extreme
  • Go on a sensational Ranger Jamboree
  • Learn lots of Ranger Skills
  • Enjoy Gorgeous Graphics & Gameplay
  • Go in search of the Park’s BigFoot
  • Collector’s Edition includes additional levels & puzzles, Great Wallpapers, Music Player & Wildlife Book

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OS versionWindows 7
DirectXDirectX 9
DirectXDirectX 9
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