Wyvia is an open world 3D action RPG inspired by classic JRPGs. Save your world from a monstrous invasion. Choose from 10 classes, customizing them with a cross-class skill system, craft and upgrade tons of gear, explore dungeons battling tons of enemies, and defeat huge bosses.

The Story

The Wyverns are gone...
Now your home is plunged into chaos as monsters invade from their world as a new recruit to the mercenary guild you must tackle this threat head on. Without the protection of the wyvern only you stand between them and the destruction of Wyvia.
Find the source of the monster invasion, discover where the all wyverns have gone, and unlock the power hidden away in you.

Thrilling Combat

Wyvia features fun and simple combat that feels good to utilize! Whack Goopies with a huge axe or fire away with screen clearing abilities!

Limitless Choices

Mix and match skills between 10 distinct classes, allocate points into stats and skills, and create a character that's really your own!

Expansive World

Explore a variety of locations from plains, deep caves, spooky forests, and frozen wastes as you struggle against the invasion of monsters in your world and find the source of their intrusion.

Become The Wyvern

Use the power of Wyverns to fly, gain new abilities, augment your combat prowess and explore the world around you.

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OS versionWindows 7
OS versionWindows 7
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