What is our goal with Early Access?

We want to work directly with our players during the development process because we believe it will improve our game. A genre like rouge-lite can deliver the best experience only if meet certain criteria and players' expectations. Early Access gives players a chance to participate in the development and it allows us to experiment/test certain solutions with a live community. We want to learn how people behave, how they play along and do certain things. It simply makes the game a better experience and gives more fun.

What is included in Early Access?

The Early Access version of the game includes the first 2 biomes out of many that we plan to release in the final version of the game. Because of the genre specifications, we are unable to say how long the game will take to complete. Throughout the year we will be updating the game with new content, functionalities, and features making the game more complex, so the end = longer.

What is the current state of the game?

At the time of writing, Flame Keeper has all core mechanics and 2 biomes implemented. 3rd biome is in advanced development, 4th on preproduction.

How long will the game be in Early Access?

We predict that Flame Keeper will remain in Early Access for about 1 year. This is the time we estimate we need to deliver all the planned content as well as things our community will ask for.

What is the price of Early Access?

$11.99 USD or your regional equivalent.

How often will you be updating the game?

We plan to release smaller updates regularly each month while the bigger content drops or features will be released when they are ready.

Will the game be priced differently after Early Access?

Yes, the game will be cheaper in Early Access. We want to reward those players who joined as early adopters, working with us to better the game. Once the final version will be released, we will likely increase the base price of the game for any new players.

If I buy Early Access, will I have to purchase the game again when the full game releases?

No, you only need to purchase the game once. If you buy Early Access, you will also get 1.0 when it releases.

Where can I provide feedback and bug reports?

Please send any and all feedback and bug reports to [email protected] or you can join our dedicated discord server https://discord.gg/H8edpEMVT7

Can I do streams/videos from this version of the game (Early Access)?

Yes. There are no restrictions on our end.

Do you have any roadmap for your Early Access?

Early Access Roadmap will be published by us on the game page closer to the release of Early Access

Which features will be in active development during Early Access?

Our development will be focusing on three main pillars: delivering new content (so adding new biomes that will enhance the entire world and also the gameplay time), building new functionalities and features (like CO-OP/Multiplayer, Vendor etc.; their role is to make the gameplay more diversified) and improvements (covering all your comments, fixes and bugs).

Is the game localized?

Yes. Flame Keeper is localized into English, French, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Turkish and Polish.

Can I use a controller?

Yes, controllers are fully supported.