What is Forgive Me Father?

Forgive Me Father is a dark retro horror FPS set in a comic book style world inspired by the novels of H.P. Lovecraft.

Who is making Forgive Me Father?

Byte Barrel, a studio based in the picturesque city of Gdańsk, Poland whose goal is to create interesting, unique, and ambitious independent computer games. It was founded in 2017 and currently, our team consists of 12 people. We are distinguished by great passion and enthusiasm for what we do.

What's the story of Forgive Me Father?

As the only one with full senses, you begin a journey in search of answers and relief in this FPS game that is created in a distinctive retro comic horror style straight from Lovecraft's books. Explore this Lovecraft-inspired world that is full of side areas and secret places, and uncover the entire story to solve the mystery of this crazy place.

Does Forgive Me Father have Multiplayer / Coop?

There are currently no plans for any sort of multiplayer mode.

Does Forgive Me Father have RPG-like elements?

Yes - In Forgive Me Father you can choose from two different characters: Priest and Journalist. Each has their own unique development tree that includes different skills and powers that you can utilize on your path to uncover the mystery of this mad world.