House Party Liz Katz Murder Mystery Expansion Pack

Help House Party's next party guest — Liz Katz — solve a crazy murder mystery! Witness a jaw-dropping crime, track down clues, catch a culprit, and get steamy with the famous real-life cosplayer, model, and actress in this wild, sexy, and shocking new comedy-noir DLC!

House Party Liz Katz Murder Mystery Expansion Pack

The official title of House Party’s new Murder Mystery Expansion Pack has now been announced! The expansion is named House Party - Detective Liz Katz in a Gritty Kitty Murder Mystery.
Note: The House Party - Detective Liz Katz in a Gritty Kitty Murder Mystery Expansion Pack contains content that may be enhanced by other House Party DLCs.
Your favorite house party flirts with a bit of blood and darkness in its second-ever guest expansion pack — featuring famous cosplayer, streamer, actress, and model Liz Katz!
Enjoy a thrilling new branching Original Story addition focused around and fully voice-acted by Liz Katz herself! Be prepared for the lights to go out, fear to reign, and unsolved mysteries to come to light in this wild new comedy-noir DLC!

A Hot Girl’s At The Front Door! But She's Not The Only Mystery This Evening…

The doorbell's ringing, and Liz Katz has arrived to give the party a full murder mystery experience. And she's brought along her trunk filled with exciting props, costumes, and items.
The only problem is, no one at the party invited her, so the whole murder mystery party idea is put on hold.
That is...until a shocking crime brings the party to a halt, and Liz Katz needs to use her detective roleplaying skills to solve this very real caper. Can you help her track down the culprit?

Put Your Stamina To The Test With A Smoking Hot Cosplayer!

Playboy's (2014) and For Him Magazine’s (2016) 5th & 4th-ranked "Sexiest Cosplayer" is bringing a sexy new flare to your favorite House Party!
A fan-favorite since she won IGN's Best Cosplay at WonderCon 2012, Liz Katz is sure to steal your heart, make you laugh, and get you worked up with her sultry and playful personality.
If you play your cards right, her DLC will let you get up close and personal with her in a jaw-dropping new intimacy encounter that will test your stamina more than any of the other base game romance scenes!
Get ready to get nasty with Liz Katz in a hot and thrilling new adventure that never holds back and is full of mysteries and surprises…and solve a crazy murder mystery, too, of course.

A Little Partying Never Killed Anyone, Right?

Party harder with this awesome new House Party expansion pack. Explore a range of new choices, dialogue options, animations, Opportunities, Achievements, and, of course, the company of the sexy and hilarious Liz Katz - as you work together to solve a grisly murder!
Liz Katz has collaborated closely with the Eek! Games team (and with the help of fans) to create her outfit concepts, voiced all of her own dialogue, and reviewed all story content and reactions to ensure the new storyline has that proper Liz Katz flair!
Even if you’re not familiar with Liz Katz, you’ll love her once you get to know her. Just press start, brahs.

Get Wild! Get Bubbly! Get… Uh… WHAT’S Coming Out Of The Trunk…?!

Will you collect all the clues and uncover the identity of the murderer loose in the house, or would you rather get boozy in the hot tub with your favorite cosplay icon and gaming heartthrob?
Become her own personal Link (or Samus) to solve the crime and get wild in the sheets (or, well, elsewhere around the house). As long as you don’t piss her off the night is yours!
But, uh… whatever you do… don’t give Liz too many drinks, ‘kay?

The House Party - Detective Liz Katz in a Gritty Kitty Murder Mystery expansion pack features:

  • House Party’s largest content expansion pack yet with hours of new Original Story content to explore
  • A thrilling brand new murder mystery storyline starring Liz Katz - featuring hilarious, mysterious, and shocking endings and side quests
  • A hot-as-sin new “Liz Katz” character model added to the base House Party game
  • See Liz Katz’s character dressed in a handful of adorable and titillating outfits and cosplay costumes - selected by House Party fans and Gritty Kitty Club members and based on concepts chosen by Liz Katz herself
  • Brand new scenes and stories with hundreds of lines of new dialogues voice acted by Liz Katz
  • See Liz Katz interact with all of your favorite Original Story characters as she immerses herself in the base game story
  • Experience brand new content for all other base game NPCs (Game Grumps excluded) as they engage with Liz Katz’s story
  • An extended and unique explicit intimacy scene with Liz Katz
  • A new naughty, bubbly, and unexpected Drunk and Disorderly Opportunity
  • The ability to use console commands on Liz Katz’s character

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DirectXDirectX 11
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