Project XSTING

Fight your way through hordes of elite WASP soldiers and bosses using character-specific ranged and melee attacks. Survive by making strategic upgrade choices, using enemy drones to your advantage and overcoming unique stage challenges in the sci-fi survival roguelite.

Spiel ist im Early Access

Spiele im Early Access befinden sich noch in der Entwicklung und können im Laufe der Zeit wesentliche Änderungen erfahren. Daher ist es möglich, dass du beim Spielen dieses Spiels auf unvorhergesehene Probleme oder völlig neue Spielfunktionen stößt.

Du kannst jetzt spielen und das Spiel erleben, während es sich noch in Entwicklung befindet, oder du wartest, bis ein vollständigeres Spielerlebnis verfügbar ist.

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Project XSTING

You’re tired of being a labrat, so you make a run for it. Sure, you made it out of your cell, but it's not that easy! The entire facility is on high alert and, to get a taste of freedom, you must fight your way through the deadly WASP army. It’s time to use the mutations they planned to exploit against them!
Project XSTING is a sci-fi survival roguelite game with comic-style graphics and cyberpunk vibes. At the start of each run, you begin your escape from a random point on the map and must battle through an increasing number of enemies. Do everything you can to survive and defeat the bosses. Don't worry about overly complicated controls—just enjoy the thrill of the fight!
Every character has a base range and melee attack at their disposal. Since each protagonist suffers from a unique mutation, the style of their melee and ranged attacks varies in both visuals and scope. Therefore, your character choice significantly affects gameplay.
The key is to use these attacks to eliminate enemies and collect their life force to access power-ups, allowing you to develop your character's mutation differently during each run.
You're pitted against the highly-trained armed security forces of the H.I.V.E. Medical Corp.
They are skilled and deadly, using a variety of weapons. In addition, you must face and defeat five increasingly dangerous bosses.
You can choose to play in different stages, each offering a different visual experience. Better yet? If you’re looking for hardcore challenges, some of the stages (or stage levels) come with additional environmental hurdles.
You can also use the elements in your surroundings strategically to aid your escape. For istance:
  • Natural obstacles, such as rocks and trees, can be used to break down or slow down the hordes.
  • Areas highlighted by enemy-dispatched drones, designed to aid the enemy, can be used against them. Anyone entering the affected area suffers the consequences.
  • Variety of enemy types
  • Number of unique bosses (+ surprise bosses 🤫)
  • 4 stages (some with special environment challenges 😱)
  • 5 difficulty modes + MADNESS mode 🤯
  • 98 in-combat upgrades
  • Up to 63 mutation tree upgrades
  • Plenty of achievements
  • Original soundtrack for the game as well as each character

Systemanforderungen für Project XSTING



OS versionWindows 7 or newer
OS versionWindows 7 or newer
CPU2.5Ghz or better
CPU3.5Ghz or better
Memory8 GB RAM
Memory12 GB RAM
GPUGTX 680 / AMD HD 7970
GPUGTX 1060 / AMD RX 580
Unterstützte Sprachen
  • Audio: English
  • Text: English, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish (Spain)
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