Super Smash Asteroids

"Super Smash Asteroids" is a high-speed, twin-stick, top-down, rogue-like space shooter. Choose from 6 unique ships, upgrade with 70+ items & blast through epic bosses. Level up for intense, action-packed battles in a futuristic universe.

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Du kannst jetzt spielen und das Spiel erleben, während es sich noch in Entwicklung befindet, oder du wartest, bis ein vollständigeres Spielerlebnis verfügbar ist.

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Super Smash Asteroids

Welcome to "Super Smash Asteroids", a high-octane, top-down, dual-stick, rogue-like space shooter set in a futuristic universe. Choose from six unique ships, each with their own starting statistics and special abilities, and blast your way through hordes of enemies and epic bosses.
As you play, level up and choose from a pool of over 70+ items to upgrade your ship and modify your base stats, unlocking game-changing abilities that will help you survive the intense combat. With a wave shooter style of play, "Super Smash Asteroids" offers a challenging, fast-paced and action-packed experience.
So, buckle up and prepare for a journey filled with adrenaline-fueled battles and an endless pursuit for glory. Get ready to experience an epic space adventure like never before!

Upgrade Your Ship

In "Super Smash Asteroids", you have the ability to upgrade your ship with over 70+ items to enhance your base stats and modify your ship's abilities. As you progress through the game and defeat enemies, you will earn experience points, which will allow you to level up and unlock new abilities.
Choose from a variety of upgrades such as better weapons, faster engines, and stronger shields to tailor your ship to your playstyle. Want to focus on speed and evasion? Equip engines that increase your ship's mobility and equip shields that allow you to dodge enemy fire. Prefer a more offensive playstyle? Equip weapons that deal more damage and upgrade your ship's power systems for increased energy regeneration.
Additionally, as you progress through the game, you will encounter rare and powerful items that offer unique and game-changing abilities. These items can completely change the way you play and offer strategic advantages in combat.
In "Super Smash Asteroids", upgrading your ship is crucial for surviving the intense combat and defeating the epic bosses that await you. So, choose your upgrades wisely and prepare for an endless pursuit for glory in this adrenaline-fueled space adventure!

Ship Variety

In "Super Smash Asteroids", you can choose from six unique ships, each with their own starting statistics and special abilities. These ships offer a variety of playstyles and can be tailored to your preferences as you progress through the game.
Each ship has its own strengths and weaknesses, and choosing the right ship for your playstyle is crucial for success in "Super Smash Asteroids". Do you prefer to be a tank and absorb enemy fire, or do you like to zip around the battlefield and take down enemies with hit-and-run tactics? The choice is yours.
So, experiment with different ships and upgrades to find the perfect combination for your playstyle, and prepare to blast your way through hordes of enemies and epic bosses in this fast-paced space shooter.

Everlast System

In "Super Smash Asteroids", you have the ability to permanently upgrade your ship through the Everlast system. Everlast is a permanent upgrade system that allows you to choose and unlock bonuses that persist through all of your playthroughs.
As you progress through the game, you will earn Everlasting Gold, which can be used to unlock bonuses such as increased damage, faster movement, and stronger shields. These upgrades will remain with you through all your playthroughs, even if you die or start a new game.
With the Everlast system, you can tailor your ship to your playstyle and make it even more powerful with each playthrough. Want to focus on offense and deal more damage? Unlock bonuses that increase your weapon power and damage. Prefer to be a more defensive player? Choose bonuses that increase your shield strength and durability.
The Everlast system is a great way to make progress through the game more rewarding and provide long-term goals for players. With over 19 bonuses to choose from, there's a lot of room for experimentation and customization. So, use your Everlast points wisely and build the ultimate space-faring machine in "Super Smash Asteroids"!


"Super Smash Asteroids" features a number of rogue-like elements that make each playthrough feel fresh and exciting. The game is runs on a never-ending wave system which progressively gets harder the longer you play.
The environment in "Super Smash Asteroids" is procedurally generated, meaning that each time you play, the stars, planets and series of which enemies are produced and power-ups are produced will all be at random. This randomness keeps the game feeling fresh and unpredictable, and ensures that no two playthroughs are exactly the same.
In addition to the randomly generated levels, "Super Smash Asteroids" also features permadeath. If you die during a run, you'll need to start over from the beginning, losing all of your progress and upgrades. While this may seem daunting, it also adds an extra layer of challenge and excitement to the game, as you never know when your next run could be the one where you achieve glory.
To help you on your journey, "Super Smash Asteroids" offers a variety of unlockable ships and upgrades that can be discovered as you play. These ships and upgrades can offer unique abilities and advantages that can help you overcome even the toughest challenges. With so many ships and upgrades to discover, there's always a new strategy to try and a new build to experiment with.
Overall, the rogue-like elements in "Super Smash Asteroids" provide a sense of unpredictability and excitement that keeps the game fresh and challenging, even after multiple playthroughs. So, prepare to blast your way through a galaxy filled with danger and adventure, and see how far you can make it in this high-octane space shooter.

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Systemanforderungen für Super Smash Asteroids



OS versionWindows 7
OS versionWindows 11
CPUDual Core CPU, Intel i5 or better
CPU3+ GHz Quad Core (or higher)
GPU1920x1080 resolution support required
GPURecent NVIDIA/Radeon series. 1024MB VRAM
Unterstützte Sprachen
  • Audio: English
  • Text: English
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