Workshop Simulator

Rekindle your nostalgic love of tinkering through respecting your elders' memory with Workshop Simulator, a game by INTERMARUM.

Feel the joy of turning the old into pristine condition again

Can an innocent request from your grandma lead to a nostalgic trip down memory lane, helping you find out about your family's history? Workshop Simulator is a relaxing restoration simulator - take vintage items and give them a second life - the respect for the usefulness of every object, which in the hands of a specialist can become a small work of art.
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Idyllic, comfy, and relaxing experience in highly detailed visuals

Workshop Simulator is more than a unique experience of transforming objects from ruined to brand new. The atmosphere, full of nostalgia and relaxation, together with the environment and gameplay, gives you a sense of warmth and calm remembrance.
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Heart-warming Story - Exploring your family history through tinkering

Immerse yourself in an idyllic rural setting where you can explore the delights of tinkering in a workshop, but also discover the history of your family by interacting with unique family treasures, each with a different story to tell.
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Immerse Yourself

Visit your beautiful, idyllic family farm and take in the midwestern country air - your tools await you by your workbench! Workshop Simulator allows you to repair and refurbish items using a range of restoration mechanics such as disassembling, cleaning, sanding and painting. The accompanying story will immerse you in the nostalgia of tinkering with your grandfather.
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Systemanforderungen für Workshop Simulator



OS versionWindows
OS versionWindows 10
CPUAny 4-thread CPU
CPUAny 4-thread CPU
GPUGeforce 750 GTX
GPUHigh 30 FPS @ 1080p - GeForce 1070 GTX or AMD equivalent; Epic 60 FPS @ 1080p - GeForce 1080 GTX or AMD equivalent
DirectXDirectX 12
DirectXDirectX 12
Unterstützte Sprachen
  • Audio: Keine Angabe
  • Text: English
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