Q. Can I play without using in-app purchases?

A. Yes.

Q. What sort of in-app purchases are available in this game?

A. Users can purchase a Premium Account or the in-game currency, K$.

Q. What are K$?

A. K$ are the in-game currency of United Football and can be used to buy items for your avatar to wear.
They can also be used to create teams and enter tournaments.
You can purchase K$, but they are also won when playing the game.

Q. What benefits does a premium account give me?

A. A premium account holder gets the following benefits.
Unlimited access to spectator and replay mode
Access to the team management system
1,000,000 K$ to be used for in-game purchases and to customize your player character
Increased in-game winnings/rewards by 2x
Premium animation “Overhead Kick” and “Sparkling Boots”
We may also add additional benefits over time.

Q. Why do I see the message "United Football is offline for maintenance" ?

A1. This message is displayed when United Football is offline for an update or has an issue that is being resolved.
A2. This message can sometimes be shown if your computer is unable to access one of the games servers. Check your firewall and router to make sure the game has access to the internet freely.

Q. When I log into the game I do not see any games in the games list.

A. With a new game it takes time to build a community, and whilst doing this there may be times when there are not many players in the game. If there are not many players online you can create a game yourself and include AI BOTs. This will allow you to play a game whilst waiting for others to join you.

Q. I can connect to some games but not others, Why ?

A. Most games are played on the dedicated server, but some players choose to host games themselves.

Q. Why can't people connect to my games?

A. If you are hosting games yourself and not using the dedicated server option you need router port open on your computer. If you have problems go to www.portforward.com to find out how to open this port.

Q. What does the red "Disconnected" message mean?

A. If you get this message it means that your game is no longer connected to the host or to the dedicated server. This is usually caused by the quality of your internet connection. If you return back to the lobby screen, you may be able to rejoin the game to continue.

Q. Why is my player turning difficult to control?

A1. Maybe your mouse sensitivity is too high. Go into the options screen and try setting your mouse sensitivity values to between 25 and 50.
A2. Maybe you are experiencing high latency over the internet.

Q. Why is the game sometimes jerky?

A1. Maybe the person hosting the game has insufficient upload bandwidth to cope with all the players in the game.
A2. Maybe a player has joined the game with a very high ping value to the host. Each player's ping value is shown under the player's name on the pregame screen when they have selected a shirt position. Low ping values are shown in green, average pings are shown in amber, and high pings are shown in red.
A3. Your computer may not meet the minimum specification required to play the game.
A4. You may be playing on the dedicated server but your connection to this may be high latency. You can check by pressing the TAB button in the game. TAB will show your ping, anything above 150ms will be a poor experience. However, even low pings can sometimes be misleading as it is about the quality of your connection not just the ping.

Q. What does the red "Out of Sync" message mean?

A. If you get this message it means some game data has been lost on the internet and you need to leave the game and rejoin in order for it to correct itself.

Q. Sometimes I see strange artifacts on the screen, for example players have no textures, why is this?

A. You may need to update your graphics card drivers. To do this visit the web site for your graphics card manufacturer.

Q. I am using a wireless keyboard and sometimes it feels like I lose control of my player.

A. Some wireless keyboards stop sending data to the computer at set intervals. This can cause your player to stop responding or to just stop for a second.