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Casual Games FAQ

What is a casual game?

Casual games are games that are simple to pick up and play, with easy mechanics that don’t require the player to perform complex actions. Some casual games only require a single-button press in order to perform an action.
This makes them ideal for people who have a schedule or lifestyle that won’t allow them the time to learn complex game mechanics. They can fit a round of a casual game into a short space of time, either defeating a level, or popping into a game you have going and performing a quick mission or activity while waiting for an email or the coffee pot to boil. Though simple, the games can also be challenging. There’s no point in playing a game that you’re guaranteed to win every time.

What is an example of casual games?

Though casual games aren’t bound to a single genre, creating a game that’s simple, engaging, and in which a round can be played for a short length of time to completion usually involves color-matching puzzles, card games, or simple action games.
Puzzle games make perfect casual games. Short rounds, easy-to-parse goals, but with reasonably challenging gameplay that keeps the player engaged. The Match style of game, where the player must line up blocks to fill in a defined space, or line up the same color of block, are some of the most popular types of game in the world. They’re simple, with obvious goals, but require the player’s attention reflexes. The basic format of match games can be applied to a number of styles of puzzles. Rigid falling blocks can be replaced with differently sized, physics-enabled bubbles to make things tougher to predict. Colors could be swapped for numbers that you need to add together. Though they’re casual, they’re not always relaxing.
Single-player card games are also hugely popular. They’re played at the player’s own pace and take up few resources on the host machine, which means that they can be left running, ready to dip into for a quick game or two when the player has a minute.
Some larger games are really just casual games with a different framework. Life sims, where you move into a village and make friends, will always have a few mini-games that the player can take part in for a brief moment. Fishing, gardening, and packing up a room all fit snugly into a schedule and advance the player’s game. Hidden object games, where you hunt down specific items within a busy game level, are basic puzzles but are often designed with elaborate art and surprising stories.

Can I play casual games on a PC?

Yes. There are a number of casual games available to play on the PC.

Can I play a casual game with friends online?

Yes. Though casual games are easy to play on your own, there are a number which can be played online with friends.

Are there casual PC games with a story?

Yes. There are a lot of casual games that tell stories through their worlds and other narrative devices. Hidden object games will often have a story layered within their backdrops.

Why are casual games so popular?

A short, compelling gameplay loop that’s easy to learn and tough to master can immerse people in the same way that an elaborately structured action RPG can.
Everyone has a few moments in their day in which they could use a distraction. Having a go-to casual game will make those moments something to look forward to. Progress in any game is compelling, and if you can make some in just a few minutes here and there during your day, it all adds up.