Horror Games

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Horror Games FAQ

What is a horror game?

A horror game is typically a video game designed to scare its player through a variety of techniques. Unlike most video game genres, though, the horror game genre is not based on gameplay elements, but rather the result of playing the game. Because of this, most horror games tend to lean heavily on narrative and graphics, rather than gameplay elements, to achieve their goal.
Horror games can be generally broken down into five more specific categories: action horror, jump-scare horror, psychological horror, reverse horror, and survival horror.

Are there scary horror games to play with friends?

Yes, horror games can be even more fun when played with friends. Typically, multiplayer horror games are broken down into several distinct types. Some have you and friends playing together to survive something horrific, while others – typically an asymmetric reverse horror game – have one player taking on the role of the scary antagonist while the others try to survive the monster chasing them. You can see our great multiplayer horror games available for download.

Are horror games scary?

Yes! The scarier the better. Scares can be delivered through numerous techniques including sudden pop-up frights known as jump scares, through a creeping dread that grows over time, the fear of hiding from something that you can’t fight, or the fear of being relentlessly chased by a horrific entity.

Do some PC horror games offer controller support?

Yes, as with most games found in the Epic Games Store, you can search for horror games that offer controller support by selecting the “Controller Support” tag on the Browse page. Check out the horror games that feature controller support for PC.

Are there PC horror games for Windows?

Yes, there are plenty of PC horror games for Windows. In fact, many of the horror games found in the Epic Games Store will run on a Windows PC.

Are there horror games to play online?

Yes, most multiplayer horror games are playable online. You can find these in the Epic Games Store by browsing to the Horror Games list and then selecting different tags based on what you are looking for. The best tags for finding horror games that you can play online are “multiplayer,” “co-op,” and “competitive.” Make sure you select one of those tags at a time, or you will apply all of the selected tags to your search.