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Multiplayer Games FAQ

What is a multiplayer game?

A multiplayer video game is a game that more than one person can play. Multiplayer games have been around since the very first video game. Today, multiplayer games come in a variety of forms.
Local multiplayer allows players to play together on the same computer. This can be done with multiple controllers, or by players using different keys on the same keyboard. There is also turn-based multiplayer, where players take turns on the same computer playing through a game. This is also known as hotseat gaming. Online multiplayer allows players to connect with one another via a wide area network like the Internet, or through a local network, and play a multiplayer game together.
Multiplayer PC games are fun because you can play with your friends or with a random group of players that enjoy the same online game.

Do I need to be online to play a multiplayer game?

No, not all multiplayer games require an internet connection. Local multiplayer has players gaming on the same system either with multiple controllers or hot seat gaming, or a Local Area Network. While it’s not as popular as it used to be, LAN parties have players meeting up in person and connecting their computers through a local network to play multiplayer games.

Are there free multiplayer PC games?

Yes, there are plenty of free multiplayer PC games. You can search through the Epic Games Store by using category labels. In this case, you should browse the store and then select the “free” and “multiplayer” labels. This is a link to free multiplayer games

Are there co-op multiplayer games?

Yes, there are cooperative or co-op multiplayer games
. These games allow you to play through a game along with a friend or friends, as you try to achieve the same goal.

Are there online games to play with friends on different computers?

There are plenty of online games you can play with friends on different computers. The best way to find these is to search for online multiplayer
, online co-op
, or online competitive
games in the Epic Games Store.

Are there multiplayer games with controller support?

Yes, there are multiplayer games you can play with a game controller. To find them, you can use the Epic Games Store category labels. You should look for multiplayer games with controller support
, co-op games with controller support
, and competitive games with controller support

Are there multiplayer PC games for couples?

Yes, there are multiplayer PC games for couples. Depending on what sort of games the couple likes to play together, they should be able to find exactly what they’re looking for by searching through the different labels listed in the answer above.