Party Games

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Party Games FAQ

What are party games?

Party games are multiplayer video games. They can be played online or in person together. They have a casual atmosphere, where people are gathered to have fun with each other, even in games where everyone is in it for themselves.
There are numerous types of party games. Some play like game shows, where players crowd together in one room, even on the same couch, and answer questions or do tasks asked of them by the game. Winners can be the player who responds the fastest or scores the highest. It’s a lot of fun beating the person next to you when you can gloat over the win.
There are several mini-game-based party games where each player has a controller, and everyone is sat around one screen. The most basic of these are arena fighting games, where a number of characters will be fighting each other. With unique powers for each character, a multi-person battle can be brilliantly chaotic. There are a number of games that contain dozens of licensed characters to choose from, adding to the fun.
But it’s not all about fighting. Party games can have any theme, like cooking silly dishes in a kitchen or physics obstacle courses. Part of the fun is how randomly a win or loss can happen in these circumstances. You can easily think you’re going to win, but keeping track of the other players when they’re all doing different things can lead you to lose focus just when you need it most.
A recent twist on party games is where the people gathered in the gameplay the roles of killers and victims. The killer must keep their identity a secret while carrying out murders, while the potential victims deduce who the killers are. There’s a lot of fun to be had in these games. Throwing the victims off the scent so they accuse the wrong player, or working out the correct killer, is an absolute joy.

Are there PC party games to play with friends online?

Yes. There are a number of party games that can be played online rather than in person. Deduction games are better online, so you can keep your actions secret.

What makes a party game fun?

They’re often filled with friends, and gathering friends together to play games is a wonderful thing to do. You can show off your knowledge or skills in person to everyone. It can be fun to win among friends, but losing isn’t the end of the world if you’ve had fun.

How do I find free party games for my computer?

If a game has a free version listed on the Epic Games Store, you can create an account and download the launcher to add the demo to your game library. Enjoy!

Are there offline party games for PC?

Yes. There are all kinds of party games on the PC, including offline games.