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Platform Games FAQ

What are platformer games?

A platform video game, also known as a platformer, is a video game genre that has players moving across the game’s environment to get to a specified goal or to get to the end of the level. Importantly, the games’ levels feature uneven terrain and suspended platforms of varying heights that force the player to jump between them to beat the level.

Are there platform games for PC download?

Yes, there are platform games for PC that can be downloaded. While most platform games for the PC can be downloaded there are also some that can be played directly from the cloud or within a browser.

Are there first-person and third-person platform games?

Yes, there are first-person and third-person platform games. First-person platformers are relatively rare in the genre, but they do exist. They have players running through a digital world viewed from the perspective of the game’s protagonist and require a high level of precision to make the jumps required to beat the game. Third-person platformers are a bit more common and have players running through the world and its platforms from a perspective, typically viewed from above and behind the protagonist.

Does Epic Games offer side-scrolling platform games?

Yes, you can find both side-scrolling platform games on the Epic Games Store. Side-scrolling games are the most common sort of platformers. You can find them on the Epic Games Store by sorting through the Platformer Games
section or using the search function for side-scrollers

Are there different types of platform games?

Yes, there are different types of platform games. The differences include how you move across the screen, how the graphics are presented to the player and the perspective from which the game is played. Side-scrolling and vertical-scrolling platformers have players either moving from one side of the screen to the other as they try to traverse a level or up and down. The games can use flat, 2D graphics, or 3D graphics. And finally, players can play from a number of perspectives including first, and third-person views.