Racing Games

Download and play Racing games from Epic Games Store. We offer some of the best PC Racing games involving cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, planes and more.

Racing Games FAQ

What is a racing game?

A racing game is a video game that has players racing against one another. That larger genre is broken down into a number of subgenres that range from the ultra-realistic racing simulators to the more arcade-like kart racers.
Some of the more popular PC racing game subgenres include sim racing, kart racing, and futuristic racing. Racing games also dive into specific sorts of racing including track, street, and off-road.

Are there racing PC games that offer controller support?

Yes, there are racing games that offer controller support. It’s easiest to find those games on the Epic Games Store by going to the Racing genre in the store and then filtering it by games with controller support using the “controller support” tag.

Are there online PC racing games that are multiplayer?

Yes, there are online racing games for the PC that are multiplayer. The best way to find the online racing games that support multiplayer is to go to the Epic Games Store, browse to the Racing genre, and then filter using the “multiplayer” tag.

Does Epic Games offer free online racing games?

Yes, you can find free online racing games on the Epic Games Store. You can find those in the Racing genre if you filter by the tags “free” and “multiplayer.”