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What is an RPG game?

An RPG game is a role-playing video game or simply a role-playing game. These video games are meant to replicate the experience of playing a tabletop role-playing game. An RPG video game has players taking on the role of a character, controlling their actions in an immersive world. RPGs usually rely heavily on narrative and story-telling and allow players to develop the characteristics of the character they control over time as they take on various quests strewn throughout the setting, each pushing the story forward.
There are also several sub-genres of video games, including rogue-likes, tactical RPGs, and action RPGs.

What does RPG stand for?

RPG stands for role-playing game.

Does Epic Games Store have co-op RPG games?

Yes, the Epic Games Store does have role-playing games you can play cooperatively. You can find them by clicking on Browse in the game store and then selecting the RPG genre and the co-op tag.

Are there RPG games with customizable character creation?

Yes, there are RPG games with customizable character creation. In fact, most RPGs offer some form of character customization. It can be as simple as choosing what class you will play as to allowing you to change the look, background, backstory, and characteristics of your character.

What is an RPG game class system?

An RPG game class system breaks up characters and their backgrounds into different sorts of professions within the fiction of the game. For example, traditional role-playing games might have classes like fighter, thief, and mage.

Are there PC RPG games for beginners?

Yes, there are PC RPGs designed for beginners. Many RPGs are designed to gradually introduce a player into the relatively complex elements of this genre of video game.

Does the Epic Games Store offer free PC RPG games?

Yes, the Epic Games Store offers plenty of free PC RPG games. You can find them by browsing to the RPG genre of video games in the store and then clicking on the “free” tag.

What is an MMORPG?

An MMORPG is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. These are online role-playing games that can support hundreds or even thousands of players on the same server. They allow players to adventure together, or even against one another in an online world.

What are the different types of RPG games?

RPGs have multiple sub-genres.
An action RPG is a game where the player’s focus is largely on combat. Role-playing as a powerful fighter, who can fight with or without weapons or using magic, the player will explore a world full of adversaries and battle with multiple enemies at a time. Action RPGs will often give the player a number of classes to play as, which will determine what form of combat they’ll use. An aspect of this is known as a build, where the player will further define their character’s abilities with unlockable upgrades to skills, weapons, armor, and more. These builds can get quite specific, with the player crafting a truly personalized character.
Tactical RPGs are strategic RPGs in which the player gathers a party together. The party will each have a number of skills, powers, and weapons, and should be able to support each other during a battle. Generally, each battle is turn-based. The player will select each team member and choose their next action, be it advancing on the map, attacking an opponent, casting a buff on a teammate, or more. Sometimes the moves are made immediately, in other games, the moves are made at the same time. The attack will be countered by the enemy, and you’ll continue in the same fashion until the battle is won or you’re defeated.
Narrative RPGs are focused on the story. That could be the story of the game and world, where the player is a hero trying to create a better world for everyone. It could also focus on a more personal story, where the player is out for revenge or redemption. The story the player experiences will be heavily guided by the choices they make and the character they selected. It’s often possible to replay the game multiple times to experience the story from different perspectives and to influence it in different directions from previous playthroughs.
MMORPGs can be any genre but are typically fantasy games RPGs where multiple players--dozens, hundreds, even thousands--will all join on a single server and play a part in the world. If a narrative RPG can be played a number of times, an MMORPG is like everyone playing all the narrative threads at the same time. People will select a side or faction a class, and then take part in quests that allow them to unlock more of the world. As they’re doing this, other players are doing the same, at their own pace, in their own way. This can lead to clashes between various factions, or to people who’ve never met before meeting up and battling a boss together. There are often large social structures in place to help players work together. These are usually called guilds and are run by players who join according to the guild’s own rules.