A Total War Saga: TROY

Changes the appearance of the Aethiopian units so that they are darker-skinned on average. Native Aethiopian, Egyptian, and Asiatic units are all affected.
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This mod requires the game, A Total War Saga: TROY.
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Aethiopian Reskin Mod

This mod changes the physical appearance of the Aethiopian faction's units through a little body mesh-swapping.
  • Egyptian units use a mixture of darker- and lighter-skinned meshes.
  • Native Aethiopians use only the darker-skinned meshes.
  • Asiatic units use the tan-skinned body meshes originally used for the Egyptian units.

Why This Mod?

The whitewashing of the ancient Egyptians in games and other media has long been a pet peeve of mine. While they would have undeniably mixed with Mediterranean and West Asian peoples to their north and east as well as Sudanic peoples to their south, it was still a fundamentally Northeast African civilization and so its people would likely have been darker-skinned on average than commonly depicted. As for the Aethiopians, they would have been darker still, so I removed some of the lighter-skinned meshes from their ranks so that they are all dark.