33 Immortals gameplay trailer reveals a closed beta coming May 24

By Craig Pearson, Contributor
Be one of the first to descend into Hell by registering for the 33 Immortals closed beta. Developer Thunder Lotus Games announced an upcoming closed beta in a trailer that showcased new gameplay of the co-op action roguelike. Delve into the Dante–inspired action below.

The multiplayer game is opening its gates for a limited time, inviting players to sign up at 33immortals.com. The beta will run from May 24, 2024 until June 2. Beta players will earn a chance to unlock an exclusive skin for the game. 

The press release states the following: “The closed beta will showcase a wide variety of enemies and environments, as well as a tight focus on the collaboration mechanics at the core of the 33 Immortals experience.”

33 Immortals is a retelling of Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy. 33 players will gather together in each session, rejecting the judgment of eternal damnation and rebelling against God. From the beginning camp in the Dark Woods, where players choose their archetypes, to the battle through an underworld swarming with beasts and fiends, it’s an experience that’s designed to evoke an MMO raid, with the game leading the players through the three realms of Hell, Purgatory, and Heaven.

33 Immortals Creative Director Stephan Logier can’t wait for you all to play. “33 Immortals has made tremendous progress in the few short months since the alpha,” Logier said. “We’re grateful to our fans for the valuable feedback they’ve contributed thus far. We hope they find the more robust experience of the 33 Immortals beta as fun as we do. And there’s a cool exclusive skin to be claimed, if they’re up to the challenge! ”

We’ve been excited about 33 Immortals since Dante first dipped his quill into ink. We sought out developers Thunder Lotus Games for their insight. Stephan Logier spoke to Epic Games Store about the game’s development, and how they reimagined this classic story for a new era.

“What if we tell this story of the player being damned and not accepting their fate?” Logier said. “Not accepting the authority and the law of God, not accepting that they will be punished for eternity, and actually rebelling against that fate and fighting together to find a way to change their destiny?”

We followed that lengthy feature with an interview. That piece is a similarly geeky dive into the medieval art that informs 33 Immortals, talking to Thunder Lotus Art Director Estefania Tastan about the world and character design’s inspirations

"We dug into some of the landscape paintings of the time," Tastan said. "At this point, perspective was still in its early phases. Artists were trying to figure out depth, and how to place characters inside backgrounds. You see that the human figures were drawn huge, while walls and castles were comparatively tiny. I find that incredibly charming. It's so beautiful, and a huge inspiration."

33 Immortals will be released in Early Access in 2024 on Epic Games Store, Xbox Series X|S, Windows PC, and with Xbox Game Pass on console and PC. Sign up for the closed beta at the official site