Aeterna Noctis, the highly anticipated Metroidvania, confirms its release date

By Sergio Fernandez, Community Manager

Aeterna Noctis will be launch on December 15th as it is confirmed with this new trailer, which also describes it a “pure Metroidvania experience”. The images speak for themselves, the player must put their skills to the test to unlock all the secrets and alternative routes, overcoming challenging platform puzzles and fast-paced combat

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More than 100 different enemies populate the 16 large and different areas of Aeterna Noctis, a roster of fantasy creatures, monsters and warriors that will put our reflexes to the test in levels that offer many options when facing each fight. Besides, we will face more than 20 legendary bosses that promise a true challenge. In this trailer, the King of Darkness, the hero of this adventure, appears facing some of these bosses using a huge arsenal of combat and movement skills, making clear the fluidity of the game in each of its gameplay mechanics.

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In a Metroidvania there is also room for a deep story full of details. Some NPCs featured in this new teaser. The player must interact with them to progress in their adventure and unlock secondary missions. Aeterna Noctis assures us that an epic story awaits us in which we must help the King of Darkness to regain the power of Aeterna.

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Aeterna Noctis has just opened its page on the Epic Game Store, and thanks to this new teaser we have a specific date, Aeterna Noctis will be available on December 15 of this year. If you are interested in this promising Metroidvania, you should know that the developer studio does not stop sharing new content daily in all its RRSS. You can find a link to all their communities on the Aeterna Noctis website.