Black Friday Buyer’s Guide From Epic Games Store

By Craig Pearson

Welcome to the Epic Games Store Black Friday Sale 2022. No need to check your calendars. We know it’s not Friday yet, but Black Friday is the game store equivalent of a black hole. The density of discounts has warped the fabric of spacetime, which means today, Tuesday Nov. 22, 2022, is the beginning of our sale. It lasts until Nov. 29, 11 AM ET, and we have thousands of great games and add-ons for you to buy. 

Because we’ve discounted so many games, we’ve put together a Buyer’s Guide to help you navigate the sale’s top titles, hidden gems, and more. This year, we’ve used the Epic Games Store’s Ratings and Polls categories to shape the guide. If you’re looking for the best boss battles to build your skills or relaxing worlds to have some downtime in, you’ll find them and more below. 

We’ve also added a category for games that are new to the store and on sale because there are some big names with some deep discounts. 

Remember, this is just a small list. We have masses of games, editions, and add-ons on sale, with discounts between 10% to 75% off. 

Great Boss Battles

Sifu On Sale


Every battle in Sifu, the martial arts game inspired by decades of action movies, is great. Avenging the five assassins who killed your family means fighting through elaborate levels, pulling off strikes, blocks, and counters as you grow into a master. And then you meet the boss of each area, who forces you to push yourself even further in multi-stage battles that take every lesson you’ve learned throughout the game and put them to the ultimate test.

Sifu is 25% off


FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE, Square Enix’s grand plan to rebuild their classic FINAL FANTASY VII, is a sprawling RPG that still only covers the opening part of the original game in the city of Midgard. With hours of missions and character decisions, you’re never far from a boss to battle, as there are over 20, each with unique styles and backstories. From fighting Fat Chocobo to Sephiroth himself, the new real-time battles are as iconic as the originals. 


God of War

It’s all in the name. Even though Kratos, the God of War, has settled down as a husband and dad, his battles are never far away. They are ferocious things: God of War’s combat shakes the screen and fills it with enemies to be combo-ed and axed, and bigger battles against the ancient Nordic gods, like Baldur and Grendel, feel like a man is fighting for his life against the rest of the world.  

God of War is 25% off

Sonic Mania

The throwback to the classic, speedy 2D platformers of the ‘90s has a boss battle at the end of every act. They’re evil Dr. Robotnik’s constructions, with the likes of a submarine with flailing tentacles, a metal version of Sonic himself, and even a boss based on the game Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine that briefly turns the frantic platform game into the classic puzzle game. 

Sonic Mania is 75% off

Top PC Games for Relaxing

PC Building Simulator 2 On Sale

PC Building Simulator 2

All the fun of PC building, without the swearing, sweating, or fear of frying expensive components. PC Building Simulator 2’s virtual hardware means you can actually enjoy the experience of opening a PC and slowly working out what goes where using 1200+ realistic parts from over 40 PC hardware brands. There’s a career mode where you build up a business and make a name for yourself, but you’re never far away from the artful zen of PC crafting. 

PC Building Simulator 2 is 10% off

Great for Gaming Beginners

Disney Dreamlight Valley On Sale

Disney Dreamlight Valley

A life-sim and adventure game hybrid that’s also packed with classic Disney characters for you to befriend. Disney Dreamlight Valley is a gentle game about building up and bringing in residents to a cozy village. Those residents just happen to be Disney characters, meaning you’re doing quests and making room for Wall-E, Moana, and more. 

Disney Dreamlight Valley is up to 25% off

House Flipper

Satisfy your extreme DIY urges without breaking a nail in House Flipper. Renovating rotten houses and turning them into pristine palaces is a surprisingly fun adventure. There’s no need for an architecture degree: you knock down walls with sledgehammers, sweep up the dust, and get on with plastering, painting, and making homes from rubble. 

House Flipper Add-Ons are up to 30% off

The Games Your Friend Would Recommend

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Game Of The Year On Sale

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Game of the Year Edition

For some, The Witcher 3 is Game of the Year, whatever that year may be. It was first released in 2015 but seems as popular as ever. The vast story of Geralt of Rivia crosses a fascinating open world. With meaningful interactions, memorable characters, and choices that matter, you can trust anyone who suggests that you play it. 

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Game of the Year Edition is 80% off


If a friend tries to tell you to play Satisfactory, you’re about to be dragged into an alien world where he’s in dire need of another pair of hands. Satisfactory is an open-world game where you land on an alien planet and start mining. The goal is to craft a map-spanning structure filled with ingenious methods of transporting and sorting resources. How you shape that factory is up to you. It has co-op, which definitely helps when laying the many, many conveyor belts that feed your ever-growing, ever-optimized factory.

Satisfactory is 40% off

New PC games in the Epic Games Store

Fifa 23 On Sale

EA SPORTS FIFA 23 Standard Edition

The most popular sport in the world's most popular game arrived on the Epic Games Store with the swagger of a French forward. It’s full of authentic footballers, teams, stadia, and leagues. Live a footballer’s whole career or set up dream matches; every soccer fan will find something in the packed game. Cross-play, FUT (card unlocks for you to build a team with), and the biggest tournament in the world are just the tip of a package that’s on sale for the first time in the store.

EA SPORTS FIFA 23 Standard Edition is 40% off

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition

Fus Ro Discount! No other game has defined the past decade (it actually just celebrated 11 years since release) of RPGs quite like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has. Bethesda’s open-world adventure has become a world of its own, with everyone having heard of Whiterun and Windhelm. Even if you haven’t played it, you know there’s an arrow to the knee, trolls that can launch you into orbit with a swing of a club, and that Lydia, dear, sweet Lydia, is the least discrete companion in the world. Everything is iconic. 

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition is 75% off

Epic Games Store Black Friday FAQ

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is one of the biggest sale days of the year across all retail outlets. It’s the first Friday following Thanksgiving, the US holiday, but many counties in the world now hold Black Friday sales. The sales will often have deep discounts for consumers to take advantage of, allowing them to stock up for Christmas or holiday gifts or simply grab a great bargain for themselves. 

During the Epic Games Store Black Friday Sale, we’ll have thousands of games and add-ons discounted. For some games, it will be the first time they’ve been on sale. The sale covers AAA games, indie games, full titles, and DLC. 

What time and day does Black Friday start in 2022?

The Epic Games Store Black Friday Sale begins on Tuesday, Nov. 22, 2022, at 11 AM ET.

When does the Epic Games Store Black Friday Sale end?

The Epic Games Store Black Friday Sale ends on Tuesday Nov. 29, 2022, at 11 AM ET.

Are Black Friday Sales worth it?

As we’ve mentioned, we have a huge number of games discounted during the sale. You’ll be able to vastly increase the number of games you have in your Epic Games Store Library at a fraction of the usual cost.