Blast Your Way Out of Bullet Hell with the Official Launch of Scathe


We’re excited to announce that our blood-soaked bullet hell FPS Scathe has officially launched on the Epic Games Store!

Before you grab that Hell Hammer and get to work slaying legions of demons, we’ve prepared this handy guide on how to make the most of your trip to the underworld.

Wipe 00000

Scathe is set within an infernal labyrinth so, as you travel through each zone, you’ll be faced with multiple possible exits and different branching paths to follow. You’ll encounter different weapons, enemies, biomes, spells, and bosses at different times depending on the route you take, so every playthrough is a hellishly fresh experience!

Escape The Maze 00000

Keep in mind that this isn’t just hell, it’s bullet hell! To survive in Scathe, you’ll have to master the art of dodging deadly projectiles and explosive enemies at every turn. If you find yourself dying far more often than you’d like, why not recruit a few of your friends to help? Scathe features up to 4-player drop-in/drop-out online co-op, so you can get assistance whenever and wherever you need it.

Dropin Dropout 00000

Now on to the important question: How do you maximise your killing potential? Alongside a hefty arsenal of guns, flamethrowers, and crossbows that shoot circular saws, you’ll want to scour the maze in search of the ancient relics left behind by the Fallen Mages. These relics contain potent spells known as Dark Magic, which will allow you to heal yourself (and your party), harness the power of Demon Mode, freeze your enemies in their tracks, and much more. 

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