Check out Bibots’ latest gameplay trailer!

By PID Games
We are happy to announce that Bibots will launch on the Epic Games Store later this fall! Get a glimpse of Bibots’ gameplay with our new gameplay trailer to celebrate this good news!
Whether you’re a fan of rogue lite or bullet hell games Bibots will let you enjoy a unique experience. Play as Tayar, a merchant and explorer in control of a Bibot, a nervy robot and save your home from an evil mastermind!
Switch between two characters, Tayar and his Bibot, explore and clear areas full of monsters. The customization of weapons is an important part of Bibots, as such you will drop tons of different weapons each one having its own playstyle that you can personalize with chips found on monsters. You’ll also be able to choose between multiple Bibot according to fit your playstyle!
You’re tired of doing the same thing? Well in Bibots you will gain experience and each time you level up you’ll unlock 3 different types of abilities. From survivalist to soldier and scientist you have tons of perks choices to personalize your playstyle!
But don’t forget, death is around the corner… Die, learn and retry to save the world. 

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