Core launches for free today exclusively on the Epic Games Store. Here’s everything you need to know to get started.


Core, the free Unreal-powered game playing and creation platform, launches today exclusively on the Epic Games Store. Core has been in public alpha for over a year and in that time a global community of developers has created and published over 20,0000 games in every genre imaginable: action, shooters, MMOs, survival, simulation, puzzle, arcade, and crazy mash-ups. With 200 games released and updated every day, there is always something new to play.

You begin your session in Core World, a 3D social hub with portals to popular games, featured worlds, and live events. Hitting the “esc” key allows you to access social features; “my collection” to edit your avatars, mounts and emotes; the “shop” for purchasing new cosmetics; and “create” to start making your own games. When you’re ready to play, return to Core World, choose a game, and enter through its portal. All Core games are available directly from the client. There is no download per game, and games load and run nearly instantly. Here are some recent releases to try:
CompositeScreenshots 2Nexus Wars: A fast-paced mix of MOBA and third person shooter. Jelly Brawl: Use your jelly gun to paint more tiles than the other team. Sir Pepe & The Goblins: A challenging solo or co-op 2.5D platformer where you jump, evade, aim, and fight to rescue the princess. Minigolf: Play and compete with other golfers across 18 crazy holes.
CompositeScreenshots 1Tumbleweed Typo Hunters: In a wild-west made entirely of words, trackdown bounties on misspellings. Mage’s Gambit: A tactical action game where you build a deck of abilities to defeat your opponents or capture their relics. Viking Legends: Raid, pillage, and burn as teams of saxons fight back Vikings on land and sea. Space Colony: Explore humanity’s home in the stars and explore new worlds in a massive Sci-Fi MMORPG.

These are just a few of the thousands of free games available to play right now. Find your favorites or make your own game and share with the world! We’ll see you soon in the Core multiverse. And for a limited time, get 8 heroes, 3 mounts, and unique profile pics for free exclusively on the Epic Games Store.