D&D, Castlevania, and more coming to the Dead by Daylight Universe

By Brian Crecente, Contributor
Dungeons & Dragons, Castlevania, a new mode, and standalone games are all coming to the horror-packed universe of Dead by Daylight, Behaviour Interactive announced during its Year 8 Anniversary Broadcast this week.

The presentation included news about two of the six upcoming chapters this year. One will be a crossover with the gothic horror of Castlevania, the other a dive into the world of Dungeons & Dragons. Nothing was revealed about the Castlevania chapter, but make sure to check out our exclusive deep dive into the D&D and DBD collab in this month’s massive cover story, right here.

The presentation also unveiled a new “two killers versus eight survivors” or 2V8 mode, a long-requested addition. The 2V8 mode will take place on five new large-scale maps, and include team powers, the ability to replace Perks for a pseudo-class system, and the addition of Cages instead of Hooks.

Behaviour Interactive promised to deliver more information about 2V8 in a July livestream.

We were also shown a new gameplay trailer for The Casting of Frank Stone, the first new standalone game taking place inside the Dead by Daylight universe.

The single-player game, developed by Supermassive Games (Until Dawn, The Dark Pictures Anthology, and The Quarry), is a narrative-driven cinematic horror game set in the small town of Cedar Hills, Oregon. The story centers around a group of four friends who decide to make a horror movie in 1980, accidentally triggering a series of horrific events with their 8mm camera.

“The world of The Entity is like a book with infinite pages,” says Dave Richard, Senior Creative Director at Behaviour Interactive. “With a completely different setting, different gameplay, and more, The Casting of Frank Stone is a way for us to fill those pages in and tell a Dead by Daylight story in a way we’ve never been able to before.”

The branching narrative game is available to Wishlist now on the Epic Games Store.
Project T Dead By Daylight Year 8
Behaviour Interactive also provided a short update on the early-in-development PvE action-shooter codenamed Project T.

Behaviour and developer Midwinter Entertainment launched an Insider Program that grants registered users a chance to stay up-to-date on Project T. The program will also include previews, in-game rewards, and chances to join closed playtests and offer early feedback to the development team.

Project T is a one-to-four person co-op shooter where players take on the role of Trespassers, characters who have been whisked away from their realities and trapped within The Entity’s Realm. In the ever-changing Backwater, players will have to work together to survive the monstrosities known as The Thrall, creatures that come in many forms and wield different deadly abilities.

If you’re excited by what you saw in the Year 8 Anniversary Broadcast, Dead by Daylight is available in the Epic Games Store.