Dark Harvest Arrives in Dauntless


The end of October looms and the long night of Dark Harvest has descended over Ramsgate. While the Immortal Flames still burn in the city, their light is a small solace amid the rolling fog and the unsettling dark.

However, the residents of our home in the Shattered Isles have taken matters into their own hands. Pumpkin lanterns adorn the streets and candles mark the graves flanking Ramsgate Plaza.

Fortunately, you can access those for yourself with a FREE pumpkin flare and sigil from the Dauntless store. While you’re there, check out new seasonal transmogs with all you need to ward off the evil of the season... or embrace it. We’ve brought back the much-requested ‘From Below’ arrival emote - so you too can rise from the grave when dropping into a hunt - along with a few other spoopy extras to carve a smile onto your pumpkin face.

The usually-friendly dogs of Ramsgate aren’t smiling though. Their tails droop anxiously as they sniff at the shadows. The glowing marks that scar the city walls speak a wordless threat: an ominous warning of what - or who - is to come.

Return of the Unseen 
Just over a year ago, the Unseen cultists disappeared from Ramsgate without a word. But in the last few months, unsettling messages have begun to appear and their ancient glyphs have returned to the city.

Slayers, of course, responded to the intimidation with resolve, banding together on the official Dauntless subreddit to solve the mystery of the encoded missives. From all over the world, people are collaborating in the official megathread containing all the clues that have been found so far, and everything we currently know about the approach of the Unseen. Join them, and do your part to unravel the truth before it’s too late.

Hunt Pass: Haunted Shadows
Throughout the history of the Isles, whenever the Unseen threat rises, the Night Hunters have risen to counter their influence. The next Dauntless Hunt Pass, “Haunted Shadows,” arrives October 31, bringing with it a whole host of new transmogs and emotes. You can even teach an undead dog new tricks.

New cosmetic armor is available on both the Basic and Elite tracks, but Elite pass holders will be racing towards the exclusive Ultra Armor .. IF they can complete it. Can you?

If slaying your way through the Hunt Pass isn’t your style, don’t worry - there’s more content you can access right now for free with Twitch Prime loot. Head over to twitch.tv and click the crown on the top right to access your FREE repeaters skin, “Scare Tactics”.

Just get your code, log into playdauntless.com, and enter it into the code redemption box. Your new twins will be waiting for you next time you log in. They’re available until November 5th, so get them now before they’re gone.

Dark Harvest is live right now, so log in and check it out. The night is dark and full of Behemoths, but don’t live in terror - the Slayers of Ramsgate are ready for the challenge. Clear skies, Slayer (even if they are a little dark). 

See you on the Shattered Isles.