Dying Light 2 Stay Human — Bigger and Better With Free Chapter 1 Content!

By Marta Szczechowska

It’s been a couple months since the release of Dying Light 2 Stay Human, and we’re coming to you with another wave of post-launch support. Get ready for the first free chapter, “In the Footsteps of a Nightrunner”, featuring new Infected enemies, fresh activities, gear, and unique missions. Contact the Nightrunner Agent in The City to explore the new menu, and start earning your reputation points!



Head on down to the Fish Eye to find Harper—a new vendor and… an ex-nightrunner. The spike of Infected drove him back to honor his old promise to protect The City. Although not so capable himself anymore, he’s providing means for those willing to fight. Visit his shop to find a variety of bounties and gear in stock. But don’t think Harper’s gonna trust just anyone. If you want to purchase his goods, you’d better rank up!



Along with Harper’s shop, a whole new rank system is in play. Complete activities and earn reputation points (RP) to climb up the ladder and accumulate new currencies—tokens and mutation samples. The first one, you get by trading your RP. For mutation samples, though, you gotta go out and bloody your hands. Still not sure if it’s worth the fuss? Keep in mind the higher your rank, the better the stuff you can buy. And naturally, we save the best for last.



Bounties will be split into two categories—daily and weekly. You have 24 hours to complete up to five minor tasks before they clear out and a new selection becomes available. If you manage to claim all your daily rewards, start chipping away at the weekly activities. They're harder, more involved, and they'll require a much greater focus if you dare to take them.

Feeling up for more of an intense challenge? Stop by Harper's stand and get your hands on Mission Tickets to access lethal, grueling missions that will test your skills to the max. No do-overs, no checkpoints, no second chances.


Be wary, and be careful of the new dangers about in The City. Dark Hollows and cleared GRE quarantine zones have become dwelling to Volatile Hives—deadly structures that will summon nearby Volatiles to fight you off should you get too close. Think you’re fast enough to make it out with the rewards? Well, even if you do, the hives aren’t the only new threat to worry about. Watch your step when you're out at night, as you might find yourself faced with another unfamiliar enemy—the Volatile Tyrant. Although rare, it will surely stick in your mind once you meet it. Feeling brave enough to seek out these new terrors? We'd suggest so if you’re looking to increase your stockpile of mutation samples.

Enjoy the new Chapter 1: In the Footsteps of a Nightrunner content for free on release day, and stay tuned—there will be more!