EGS End of Year Development Update


Hey everyone,

We’re back with another Epic Games Store development update to round out the year. It’s been jam packed with amazing titles and we can’t wait for 2020. Let’s take a look at some of the features we’ve shipped and what’s coming up next!

Missed out on the previous Dev Updates? 

Newly Launched Features



Coupons are now available from special events in the store. Keep an eye out for ways to get them and earn $10 off your future purchases on titles. You may have seen the first version of this with the Creator Appreciation Event, but more ways to earn are on the horizon - including some exciting holiday plans headed your way, including 12 Days of Free Games, starting December 19.

Library Grid View and Polish

The library’s grid view was revised to provide a more dense grid, so you can see more of your games at once. List view now more prominently displays playtime and size on disk, and we’ve optimized how we load game tiles and images to render libraries faster.

Storefront Optimization

We’ve released a new storefront with performance optimizations - basically this means the store loads faster and you can more quickly purchase, claim and enjoy your games. The graph below shows the specific areas of improvement where the performance times across the board have dropped following the update.

Development In Progress 


Critic Reviews

We’ve completed backend integrations and component development for including critic reviews on product pages--and these are currently in testing - we’ll update you when this feature is live. 


We’re working to bring Wishlist to the store. You’ll be able to wishlist any offer on the store and you’ll be notified of sales or promotions for that offer. This has been previously listed as work-in-progress development, but is requiring more work than originally planned. We’ll keep you up to date as we move the Wishlist feature along.