Empires of the Undergrowth’s most ambitious extra level - you’re going on an Adventure!

By Michael Connor

Our ant-based real-time strategy game Empires of the Undergrowth is imminently about to have a pretty large update - first and foremost, the new extra level Adventure is out right now to play! In Adventure, you command leafcutters and have a brand new enemy to face - the long-awaited velvet worm will be fighting your ants for the first time.
Adventure VelvetWorm
Two sizes of Velvet worm - fight them in Adventure!

There’s more to come on the extra level front - we’re about to enter Sequel Season, as is detailed on the roadmap from our previous newsletter! Classic extra levels such as Occupation, Tug of War and The Culling will be getting follow-ups a little further down the line expanding on their original concepts with new ideas.

Occupation2 Queen Jpg
Occupation 2 - coming a little further down the line - features the little black ants

We hope you enjoy Adventure, and all of the extra levels coming a little later this year and into next year. 2022 has been a wonderful year for Empires of the Undergrowth - the fire ant release put us in good standing for the future - we can’t wait to share with you what’s coming next.

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