Enter the Mirror With Stormfall, Star Trek Online’s newest Story Update

By Cryptic Studios

Star Trek Online takes another step into the mirror with our next story update, Stormfall! Kate Mulgrew continues her epic portrayal of both Prime Universe Janeway and Mirror Universe Janeway, as Captains rush to unravel a mystery that could burn down the entire galaxy. The mysterious Mirror Emperor has his sights on a powerful weapon. Can you discover what that weapon is, and stop him in time?

Also joining the cast for Stormfall are Mary Wiseman as Sylvia “Killy” Tilly, the Mirror Universe version of her beloved character from Star Trek: Discovery, and Chase Masterson as Admiral Leeta, the treacherous dark counterpart to her character from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Finally, joining the cast for the very first time is Noah Averbach-Katz, who had a memorable guest starring role on Star Trek: Discovery as Ryn the Andorian, and will be playing an original Andorian rebel named Rae-yeet. Noah is also an avid streamer and fundraiser for Diabetes awareness, and regularly plays Star Trek Online on his Twitch channel, TheType1Trekkie.


If you’re a fan of the animated series Star Trek: Lower Decks, this update has something for you, too. The California Class is finally coming to Star Trek Online, and we’re adding several iconic and wonderfully silly items from the show, like a cube that turns you into a Scorpion, or the godlike power you’d find in an episode of The Original Series.

Play the new Task Force Operation, “Forged in Fire,” and liberate Deep Space Nine from Terran Empire forces. And participate in the Heart of the Storm event to unlock a special set of armor that summons electric drones to aid you in battle. All of this comes to the Epic Games Store on May 10th, and that’s not all. We’re adding a special pack just for Epic Store Captains. Grab it from the store from May 10th at 10am PT to May 17th at 10am PT, and here’s what you’ll get:

Terran Agony Bundle

  • Contents:
    • 1 Console - Universal - Approaching Agony
    • 12 Inventory Slots
    • 12 Bank Slots

We’ll see you in the final frontier, Captains!